Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Animal Kingdom

There are so many aspects of our cognition, habits and behaviours that are extremely disconnected from our fellow species. We share this planet with them, we eat food, we find shelter and we create offspring, and we have many physical aspects that make us less strong or agile or sensory focused than other beings. Our minds have created customs, reilgions, transportation, physical structures and tools and communities that can communicate across nations in an instant. Does this make us better, happier than our animal neighbours? We will never know. But when is the last time you experienced another species taking their own life? Animals can become depressed, we know this, but it is often because of neglect in a domestic setting or the loss of a mate or child. This is normal grief. Our minds have the ability to take our thoughts, emotions and actions to a far different place that can be deadly for themselves and others. Why not take some time to connect with another species and try to observe their balanced lifestyle? Pet shops, your sister's cat or a nearby farm are great places to wander next to a different kind of soul, an animal soul. What are your favourite moments with animals?

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Tree of life

We carry a lot of burdens. We hold on to them because we think it is up to us to sustain their weight. We don't realise there is a way to set them down and walk a little lighter. Take some time today to visit a tree, maybe in a park or your yard. Observe its outstretched branches and solid trunk. That tree you approach will have strength that you will feel and sense inside. Then, take each worry of the day (I shouldn't have had fries with my meal, I should've remembered my friend's birthday), imagine it being lifted off your shoulders (picture the words in 3-D if your mind allows it) and then place each worry on a different branch and watch to see if the weight damages the tree. It won't, but you will wonder how on Earth you were holding on to such a heavy load.Let your friendly tree allow you freedom and energy to play, to laugh, to dream. You may want to revisit your tree tomorrow and thank it for carrying your worries. All things love to be appreciated.