Monday, 16 December 2013

Respect your limits

We love to help others. It gives us purpose and passion and an appreciation for all the blessings in our life. But when does a helping hand become too much, throwing you off-balance while you try to find your footing? Like we learn during any in-flight safety announcement, make sure you have received enough oxygen before you pass the mask to another. Pay attention to friends and family encouraging you to take some breaks from your giving practices so that you can recharge. Negative energies can stick when we are not careful of them and nobody, nobody needs more negativity in their life. Be cautious and if you need some time to be selfish, take it. There's is no shame in self care.

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Be our chef

Food unites cultures and families and can be pivotal on a first date. But we can become careless with food if we are not aware of its impact on our spirit. Mostly, our meals can become an afterthought during our busy days. What shall I take out to thaw? Oh, maybe we could have pizza again? I think I will just eat some cereal for supper and call it a day. Stop. Breathe. Food connects to our soul in ways even science cannot explain. Make a plan to share a meal with someone tomorrow. Create a list and pick up the ingredients, be conscious that the items will mix together to create something delicious very soon. Buy a dessert while you are at it!! Choose a favourite tablecloth and use the fancy dinner set. Dress in a catching but comfortable outfit. Tomorrow you will celebrate life, friendship and Mother Nature's amazing gifts on your table. Give thanks, say a quick cheers and enjoy the feast-ivities!

Saturday, 14 December 2013

This chore is fun!

What kind of activities do we categorize as "chores"? Cleaning the bathrooms, cutting vegetables for supper, shovelling the walks? Ok, maybe not everyone shovels snow! We take these tasks that we rarely have the urge to perform and we toss them into a section called "chores". But chores can be a meditative opportunity. We can feel the soap bubbles on our fingers when washing dishes, we can smell the vinegar when we wipe down a counter, we can massage our pet as we give them a bath. Next time you have a chore coming up on your to-do list ask yourself, "how can I bring fun into this chore? How will I make it memorable and enjoyable?" This may seem impossible but try to come up with a list of things like playing your new favourite songs while you work, or asking a friend to help or creating an ice cream dessert ready for you when you are done your more difficult tasks. Life is too short to not enjoy it to the fullest. Even chores. I have been away in the ups and downs of life. The holidays can do that. I hope to be back at least for the next little while. How are you???

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Dance party

In all cultures around the world, dance is a sacred, celebratory practice that is almost a prayer in a way. It's letting go of worries, it's embracing beauty and movement and music. Go through the library or your personal record collection and choose a few gems to practice your dance skills with. Maybe it's a country two-step or a latin salsa. African and Polynesian are my favourites and mostly I just like to move to the rhythm and feel the beat. Sing along if you know the words - get silly! No one is watching. I promise. If they are, they are most likely jealous of your carefree attitude. Dance the night away.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Good people

Sometimes our days don't go exactly as planned. We slip on the ice, get a flat tire, or lose our keys. It is in these situations where the angels begin to expose their wings and come to our rescue. This act of service by another can warm our heart like a tropical day on the beach. While it feels amazing to be the recipient of these kind acts, we can glow more expansively if we are the bearer of these gifts. Today's note of inspiration may not happen the moment you close this book and step outside but place this post in your memory for that day you see a car pulled over with four-way flashers on, see a Mother struggling with all her bags, or notice a neighbour's sidewalk that needs a good shovel. Go and be angelic. You'll feel renewed purpose and self-love.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

The final step

In our various journeys, it is the final home stretch that can be most exhausting and require the most mental strength. One more push, one last try, you're almost there. You can hear the roar of the crowd but the finish line seems too far to reach. It took me two years to publish my Masters Thesis and I wanted to give up so many times. Especially at the end. I wanted to hit delete and erase all the blood and sweat. But a mentor reminded me what was standing in my way. Fear. Fear that people may read my book and scoff at it. "You call that writing!" I felt so naked and exposed and I wanted to cover back up and continue walking on clothed and safe from judgement. Sometimes you must toss off the covers and roll out of your procrastinating mind awake to face the light, as blinding as it may seem. You have reached the peak, take the final steps, and view the vistas before you. You've made it, kid.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Night moves

The night pulls. Its outstretched arm drags me into a new mood, a quiet reflection. Darkness opens its depths and envelopes like a mummy bag in my thin tent of protection. Arrival in this place feels finite as though morning may never come. The day's end a final song before the final credits make their way across the black screen. Tonight is now. My hands find the covers and pull them back to reveal a restful night full of deep dreams. Checklist. Teeth. Clothes for tomorrow. Medication. Check. The minutes seem softer, quieter, as though they are whispering the presence of time. Sliding into the warm cocoon. I will stay here. I will rest. Heavy eyelids wave good-bye to the day. Night begins to move and I follow.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Too good

Opportunities come into our life and make us question how we have been living. Is there a better way? We may feel like the universe has come together to make all of our dreams come true. All we need to do is apply our skills to a new venture and start our own enterprise that will ensure we never have to go to another day of work again. Sounds too good to be true? Maybe not, but check it against your values. My values are trying to inspire others to protect Mother Nature. Anything like environmentally friendly cleaning products or new tools to conserve water make me so excited and I love promoting those practices to whoever will listen. Starting my own business that's not environmentally focused would go against my values. Sure, when I am a millionaire I can donate to planet friendly causes, but the drive to get up and go everyday would be replaced with how can I best market myself today? I am not comfortable. And with that, I choose to pass this opportunity by. What would you do? How can you achieve your dreams in this lifetime? I feel like I have already arrived. And that is an amazing feeling. Shouldn't I be selling "my life: to others? No, because what drives me may not drive you. Be careful out there. Your time is precious.

Friday, 22 November 2013

Self protection

Who is looking out for your best interest? Maybe a friend or two if you are very lucky, but this is important work that should be done internally. Boundaries. How to form them in such a way that you let people in but protect yourself from harm is a precious dance. You matter so much in this world and if you are not careful with your heart it could get damaged and no one wants to see someone else get hurt, especially if it means harming ourselves. If people ask you presonal questions that you don't feel comfortable sharing about, that's probably best to keep those feelings inside. Maybe ask these inquiring souls a question about themselves. If they close up you will know you were right to not divulge. Our close support network can usually be trusted with our most intimate thoughts but how far do we extend our net of trust. Not everyone cares for us the way we would like them to unfortunately, but we can listen to our heart and choose who we open up to in order to avoid disappointment. Put on your sheild and declare that no one will cause you harm because you decide who will connect closely with your heart.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Be the bear

When winter's chill enters our skin like wet clothing after a long run it can break us down. To build ourselves up again, we sometimes have to hunker down and hibernate. Get the fire going, brew some tea and cuddle up with a loved one, human or pet. Call all your appointments and cancel them. Set aside a full day to simply rest and relax. The weather may try to beat you but you fight back and grab this time for comfort and warmth. Let other people drive around on icy roads and shovel snow and run errands in the frost. You are more important. Choose to rest and recover. You'll need to get back at the rat race again soon, but not now. Now is time for cuddling and what could be better?

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Drive-by connection

We all need intimate interaction. We need a place where we can let down our guard and share from the heart. We can do this best when it is unplanned and spontaneous. But how to make this happen? Choose a friend or two who doesn't mind if you come over last minute and drop in for supper or tea. I call this a drive-by and it works best when my emotions are getting the best of me and I just need to escape for a little while and be in the presence of love and acceptance. According to my friends, these interactions help them to connect with me more deeply and let our friendship blossom into a feeling of family rather than simply acquaintances. The drive-by isn't an action that happens all the time of course, it is a gift to be used when the time is right. Who are your go-to people in your life? Have you ever tried the drive-by?

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Be you, everyone else is taken.

Although we try to argue against it, many of us simply want to be accepted. We want to know that we are loved and appreciated even though we may not be perfect. When this feeling takes over we can sometimes try too hard to prove our amazing abilities and gifts. This forced effort is not always received in the best way. People may think this is evidence of insecurity, or the attempt to overcome your many faults. Perhaps the root of this action comes from a place of fear, of the unknown void where we might be judged. In this energy space we cannot take our time and wait for acceptance over weeks or months, we forget about our need to have faith. In school, the teacher doesn't give us all the lessons in one class, we learn a new topic each day or week. Overwhelming someone is not the best way to gain their love, but if we breathe and hold back some of our accomplishments, we can walk forward on an organic path of honesty and humbleness. You are amazing exactly as you are, let people learn that over time.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Boys and girls

It can be a struggle for men and women to honour a mutual friendship between them that does not delve into a physical connection on one end or the other. Our sexes are so different yet we compliment each other so well. We have the best friendships when we can be completely honest and comfortable with our precious friend. How should the relationship be altered to accommodate one person having feelings for the other? Should the relationship end? Respecting your partner offers another complication. At what point do you open the space and allow your partner to fill the missing whole your friend jumps into so easily. This post offers more contemplation that action. Go through some of your x-x-y experiences right now. Could they be tweaked in some way to help minimize uncomfortable feelings for anyone involved? How can you move forward and nurture yourself as much as you nurture others. Be clear about what you need. No one else is advocating for your needs.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Made with love

There is goodness woven into an handmade item. The maker used their skills and their creativity to develop goods to share with the community. The care and attention used creates an essence that is not present when the item is made on a factory conveyor belt. Take time this week to visit a Famer's Market or craft show in your neighbourhood where you can buy honey, Christmas cards, or a warm hat made with love. I was lucky enough to have mittens knitted for me by a friend that I will wear all winter long and think of her each time I slide them onto my chilly hands.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

What's your story?

We all have unique lives with stories that would blow people's minds. We've all been through trauma of some description and we all had to crawl ourselves out of darkness at some point, or many points along the way. Your story is meant to be heard. You are the best storyteller for your tale of extraordinary adventures. If you are too nervous to share, just write down what has made you, you. Pull out those painful memories and let them lay on the paper breathing, exposed, open. Let them mix and mingle with the atmosphere and allow any emotions to flow. Find a good friend that you can be raw with. Bare your soul and sit and listen as they reciprocate the gift. There is beauty in nakedness, vulnerability, and mutual acceptance. Let your soul dance through your chapters of pain and love and inner expansion.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Experience a new view

We view ourselves from the inside out. In this position we see all the cracks and breaks, light shining through to point out the obvious flaws. This is just one vantage point. There are others. We know how we see other humans. We notice their gifts and talents and brains in such a way that their darker spots are barely there for us to see and all we witness is their light. The only way to wear this lense for ourselves is to listen to an external soul. Like a gift my friend once sent me said, "A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you, even when you have forgotten the words" we need help to know our inner song. So ask away. You may be frightened but it is the good things in life that require a bit of fear first. My Doctor was one to talk some sense into me. He took me on a tour of my exterior view and what I saw was perfect, and whole, and beautiful exactly as it was. What a gift!!

Monday, 4 November 2013


It takes a lot for us to share with another how they bring so much light into our lives. It is just not part of our everyday conversation. Sometimes though, it can be easier to write it out than to say it out loud from our heart. Choose a person today to write a note for. It could just be two words "You're awesome" and it can say so much. Find a good place to hide this message of love. Maybe in their lunch bag, in their pocket or in front of their computer. Who will you connect with in this act of friendship and caring? I received a note from my roommate on my bed this morning. It made me smile so bright.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Fun with food

Our days are so busy and filled with many tasks that occupy our mind and keep us from feeling centred and peaceful. Eating a meal can take us into the present moment. The smells, the texture, the tingling of our taste buds with each almost sensual bite. This week plan three meals that will bring you health, vitality and happiness. Maybe a nice winter stew, an exotic salad or a rich pasta. Choose lots of vegetables, maybe ones you rarely place in your body. Let the chemical reaction move through your digestive system bringing you energy and life. What meals will you create? I am making chicken pot pie, ham and beef stew as I greet the day with all this snow outside.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Floral fancies

When we dip into fall and winter, we may discover that nature is far out of our reach. The leaves have fallen, the trees are bare and the flower blooms are long gone. We need nature to bring us peace and happiness. Add some life into your home with some greenery and some floral designs that delight the senses and lift up any room. Choose your favourite colours, collect your favourite smells, grab a few unique stems that scream YOU. Do not wait for a loved one to send them, head outdoors and find a local shop that can provide you with items that fulfill your floral desires. I would love to know what arrangements you create. I purchased some white roses, willows and daisies with loads of greenery. I cannot stop looking at them!

Friday, 1 November 2013

Get spooky

When we were children we spent countless hours in our costumes pretending we were little red riding hood or He-Man or a scary ghoul. We loved the act of dressing up in a different outfit than we would wear in our normal day-to-day lives. We could be a character with different personalities and powers. It would ignite our imaginations and give us a thrill. Why do we stop dressing up? It is such a great practice and it makes people of all ages smile when they see us kicking the norm in the teeth and saying "Here I am, I am different and fun and silly". We rarely find the time to play and pretend and imagine. Let your Halloween spirit float free and choose a great way to not be you for one day. I dressed up as a wood fairy spreading wishes of nature for all the world to enjoy! What did you dress up as or want to dress up as?

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Elder flowers

In indigenous communities there is a large respect for the elders. The have lived their whole lives through and experienced a bit of everything. They are wise, cautious and always willing to share a story or two. In our youth we are usually rushing, going through the motions, but spending time with an elder slows us down and grounds us firmly to the Earth. Take time this week to seek out an elder, maybe a grandparent or a neighbour or a retiree at work. Ask them questions and then just listen. Take in the feelings coming from their eyes, their posture, let their words mould your cells into a new, more wise, being. Write about this experience on your journal and give thanks to your God or to the stars for letting you experience the gifts of an elder. I spent the evening with Dr. David Suzuki and Dr. David Schindler. Two Davids battling an environmental Goliath. I was overwhelmed with hope and energy. Do you like that I have started sharing a bit about myself? I have a hard time with these final sentences.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Wrong turn

In life we may be going full steam ahead on our path until we hit a roadblock. A difficult person, a difficult task. It is hard to see around this road block, to view the path ahead. Step back. Breathe and figure out what your plan is. You have choices and it is up to only you to make them. How will you handle this problem? Write out a few scenarios and imagine each one of them happening. How do you feel in each dream? Take your time, ask friends for advice. You can do this! What roadblock are you facing? I had to tell an online dating boy that he was acting very controlling and I didn't appreciate it. It was scary, but I felt so much better after.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Are we there yet?

Most people in this world spend much of their day being a little too hard on themselves. They set high expectations that may not be within reach and then attack themselves when that plan fails. We don't have to live like this, there is a better way. Take your goal and see if there are possible markers along the way. Create a serious of little stops where you could rest, look back and say wow, this has been a great journey and take the time to set your bearings and move on. You have the option of setting small rewards for each mini stop reached. A cup of tea, a meal out with friends, or a new toy you've been wanting. The journey isn't meant to be as hard as you think. Relax and know that simply making the decision to move forward will set you on the right path. What is your big project standing in your way? Mine is teaching dance classes. I have no idea if it is going to improve my life or take away from it….hmmmm

Monday, 28 October 2013

Get un-comfortable

It is so comforting to spend time in a place of contentment and stillness. Some of us sleep, some of us meditate, some of us read a good book. We pull away from the details that are causing us stress and retreat. This is a beautiful and necessary practice, but some of us can get lost in the quiet and fear reaching out to a different wave of energy, uncomfortableness. In this state we are shaking things up, moving energies and emotions around that were once laying dormant. This is a scary and strange place, but it usually marks the end of a chapter and the start of a new path. Maybe you try to make a new friend, perform public speaking, or request a raise. These new experiences are trials for sure, and they are not void of stress, but they can be transformative and really, usually worth the risk. What will you do to shake things up? I went on an online dating forum, yikes!!

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Use what you have

We are looking forward to additions in our life. Yearning for a shiny, new thing that will ignite our senses. A new car, a new pair of shoes, a new book. Once they arrive we will be so content. But can we get excited about items we already have? Are the items we've already committed to feeling neglected from lack of use? Your blender has been quiet for months, those rollerblades are collecting dust, the food in your fridge is begging to be made into an exquisite meal. Take a tally of some of those older things in your life that have not used for a while. Could they be repaired? Could they be given to a friend? Could you begin to add them into your daily habits? When you use what you have, your life is fuller, more whole. Go through the garage, go through the storage unit. Purge, play and forget about the call of those shiny new things for awhile. What item will you part with, repair, or re-love? I turned on my espresso machine today….it felt great! Might get rid of my longboard though, I rarely take it out!

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Trust in the process

We spend much of our time reaching. We stretch out towards a destination, trying to find a grip and a hold. We may want to lose weight, go back to school or improve a relationship. But this reaching can exhaust us often without us realizing it. We have never quite arrived, are never quite on stable ground. This is a stressful state to upkeep and the struggle should not be so hard. Rather than stretching up towards a far away goal, ask yourself what part of the goal might be right in front of you if you just trust in the process that eventually, the holds will reveal themselves and you will climb gracefully, comfortably. Wouldn't it be nice to find a place to simply rest and know that everything you are trying to achieve is possible, it's just not going to happen in the now. We must be patient and relax a little. The process will flow and all we need to do is to try and float rather than swimming our way across. Give yourself a bit of a break and know that the place you need to be is here, now.

Friday, 25 October 2013

Energy sensitive

Who are you spending your time with? Are you connecting with people who are learning and growing and speaking hopefully about the world or is your company a drain on your energy? We have people in our life that need us but we get to dictate how much we let that person's mood affect us. Saying things like "I am sorry things are going bad for you" or "it must be hard to think so negatively about something" might release you from owning that person's troubles. There are some attitudes and values out there that are so far removed from our own, once in awhile it is nice to find people who think more like you do. It can ignite new ideas and form bonds that might be a nice break from the hard work of dealing with more negative people. Write down a list of all the people who bring happiness to your life and note down any that create the opposite feelings. You may notice you have only one or two difficult people in your life but recognize the power you might be allowing them to have. Choose to connect with positive as much as you can. How do you handle those difficult people in your life?

Feel the rhythm

There is one language, one practice that is celebrated throughout planet Earth by only the humans that inhabit this blue planet. Music. These sweet sounds can transport you away from your worries into a place of harmony and bliss. Our favourite songs are as unique as we are and our likes can alter based on our mood or the type of activity we are doing. Learn about new music from your favourite record store, the library or the internet. Ask friends what they are listening to right now and maybe even trade music for a little while. Music can lift us up. It can heal. It can inspire. Avoid living in the silence and find a rhythm that suits you. Right now I am addicted to Brandi Carlile and Joss Stone because I can sing along very loud in my car. What are your favourite musicians these days?

Wednesday, 23 October 2013


Memories are coated with a new film. A sweetness covers over the grey lines that once clouded my image. Your words drip into me like liquid honey. I hold them tight and cling to them as though they are all that matters. I matter. But in this brief exchange, the lens transitions to a new location and I spot the beauty only you could see. I am beauty. The sheath of my dark thoughts becomes brittle and transparent. I am not darkness. I am light.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Next chapter

Our life can be broken down into chapters where we have learned specific lessons and perhaps went through a trauma or a large challenge. It is ok to end the chapter and start a new new section of your journey. Maybe you are at the end of a grief cycle after losing a loved one or finishing school or home renovations. Celebrate the end in a way that comforts you and brings you closure. Perhaps the act of giving something away or letting something go will provide a release and hope for the new chapter. The new chapter can also be celebrated by a new journal, a new friendship or perhaps a new, healthy recipe that will start your new journey on a strong base. Have you recently experienced a new chapter? How did you handle the transition, did you celebrate?

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Energy in motion

There is a vicious cycle that occurs within us that we often feel powerless to alter. We generate a thought, which affects our mood and influences our behaviour which goes right back to our thoughts. We think "I don't know what to write", which makes us feel discouraged which makes us not put pen to paper and we then think "see, I really cannot write". Have you ever experienced this? Write down one of your thought cycles and see if there's a way to disassemble the thought and create a new idea. The worst thing to do when this negative spiral begins to spin is to shove it way down to your feet because it is uncomfortable. Hiding it away and avoiding the discomfort only means it will fester where it sits and then crawl up into your consciousness much more powerful than before. Emotions, moods, are simply energy in motion. When they bubble up, allow them to flow and then breathe through the pain, knowing that your are cleansing your mind for new and lighter thoughts to emerge in its place.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013


The term selfish tends to have a negative slant to it. Treating ourselves, improving our situation or asking for help could be considered a selfish act. We sometimes feel guilt for taking care of our own needs. A bubble bath when the dishes are still piled up, choosing a less stressful project at work, ordering dessert at the restaurant are all a little on the extravagant side, but these things are so necessary. Of course there has to be balance, we must be of service to others and our jobs and our community, but of equal importance is self care. The only way we can continue to give and spread our light out into the world is to stoke our personal fire and ensure our happiness has been tended to. Make a list of your favourite self care activities, or build a list of things you need that you won't compromise on. Review this list often to check in. "You, yourself, more than anyone in the universe, deserves your love and affection" - Buddha

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Take a compliment

It is not easy to give a compliment. Somehow, deep down you notice something in another human that makes you smile or pay attention or both. Then your fear of opening up to strangers and public speaking takes over and you keep the compliment inside. When someone offers you a compliment unwrap it gently, letting the sensations slide through your skin, then exhale with a "thank you". I have watched many people discount compliments and brush it off, not knowing the powerful gift they just received. Take note of the message you received and write it into your journal. Start a list of reasons why you are awesome…according to other people. You dress nicely, you draw well, you bake a mean treat. Whatever the gift, embrace it and own it. You are a miracle. Celebrate it!

Monday, 7 October 2013

Flawed by design

Have you ever met a perfect person? A person radiating with happiness and healthiness and love? Well, they had flaws that you just couldn't see and it is those flaws that truly make that person so strong. We often put work into fixing our flaws. We read self-help books and take on new, challenging goals and sometimes even shame ourselves into being better being more complete. You were designed to have flaws. Your flaws are unique to only you. Embrace them. Love them and know that you are fierce because of your broken parts. Take time today to journal about your perceived flaws. Make two columns. In the left column write out those things you often wish you could change about yourself or maybe those things that have happened to you that have hurt you. In the right column write out reasons why that flaw may actually be an asset or a tool. You will be able to recognize yourself as one, beautiful disaster. A chaotic mix of events and parts that together make a precious whole. Just like a clay vase with a flaw, own your beauty and shout to the rooftops, "this is me!"

Sunday, 6 October 2013


As young children we connect with superheroes who seem to have unlimited power and abilities to save the world from baddies. We want bedsheets with their images screened on, we wear Halloween costumes to embody their strength and we play with our toys, imagining a world where superheroes are reality and the planet will be saved. At what age do we walk away from these feelings and thoughts? At what point do we abandon our connection to the fierce, confident superhero of our childhood? I challenge you to spend some time with your imagination. Grab some markers and paper and begin to sketch out yourself as a superhero. What powers would you yield? Who or what would be your enemy that you strive to fight? Write down aspects of your powerful self or doodle a cool outfit and action pose that you fully intend to strike. Doing this activity with young children will further stretch the imagination. Play, dream, hope.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Shop smart

We live in a world where messages tell us everyday that we need more stuff to be better, to feel more complete. I am a consumer just like you and the act of window shopping excites me no matter what mood I am in. I ask that you take some time to reflect on what you are buying and how it is going to improve your life. If you are buying a new shampoo, ask for a sample before you commit to one brand. If it is a new sweater, could a similar sweater be purchased from a second hand store or maybe even free at a clothing swap with friends? Question the product, its purpose and of course, its cost. You worked very hard to earn your money and you deserve to spend your cash in a way that maintains your level of peace and comfort for many years to come. I have read studies on the connection between a woman's moon cycle and the type of shopping she does. If you are a female or know a female, understand that on some days they need a farmers market, on other days they want big ticket items, and on other days they would rather stay home. Honour that. Before heading out to the malls, ask your heart if that is what it needs. Maybe a simple coffee out for friends or a long prayer would be enough to fill the void. Have you noticed the change of shopping habits of women…? I wish I could find that article...

Friday, 4 October 2013

The universe and me

We are surrounded by a powerful force that is beyond any amount of strength we could offer out to the world. The universe is infinite, endless possibility, hope and energy. Sometimes we forget to go with the flow rather than trying to force the universe to change its ways. If a project at work gets cancelled, the universe has a plan for a new endeavour that will be better than the last. If the gas station pumps are out of order, maybe you were meant to meet the gas attendant at another station. If you are out of milk for your cereal, maybe you were meant to treat yourself to an egg sandwich on the go. At every curve, every setback, ask yourself what message the powerful universe is trying to send you. Then relax and surrender into the hope and calmness of the all-knowing spirit of the cosmos. How is your relationship with the universe? Do you try to fight it or do you just flow?

Thursday, 3 October 2013

A little bit of tenderness

Many of us often feel part of a race. Do better, be more, work on your weaknesses. This striving for strength can leave us feeling empty and defeated because the process of change takes such a long time in human years. In nature, trees don't try to be more than a tree, jaguars are quite happy being jaguars and fish are content swimming along in the vast ocean. It is admirable to be driven and a desire to change is courageous, but at certain spots along the way it is key to stop and say "enough, time to just BE". Your homework today is to make a list of nice things you can do for yourself to reward your experience so far on this journey. Maybe you will buy a new bag for work, sign up for a community yoga class, or arrange a brunch with good friends. Let's celebrate our human need to feel love and rather than request love from the universe, let's give it to ourselves.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Sacred space

Our personal space can be very important to us. It can create a sense of place, of purpose. But many of us are so busy with other aspects of life that we forget about place. When we care for our space we take care of ourselves. It can be part of our personal habits like eating well or exercising. Some people are very good at caring for their home, car and office and others, like me, tend to let these things go when other priorities arise in our lives. Choose one action, one task that has been bothering you about your precious space and give yourself a week to tackle it. Start out by giving it a half hour and see how far you get. Remember that you are doing something for yourself, and you , more than anyone on this planet deserves your love and affection. I would love to hear how it goes!

Monday, 30 September 2013

Nothing but the truth

I need to take a moment to be completely honest with my blog followers. You sometimes experience short or long breaks from my daily inspirations. Believe me, if I could write to you I would, but these breaks of communication are a result of my mental health. I am managing a condition called bipolar affective disorder. My brain has a chemical imbalance that causes me to experience periods of really high, hyper activity and periods of low, depressive moods. You help me so, so much along my journey with this illness and I felt it was appropriate to be real with you as you have been so real with me. I try not to feel too guilty when I leave you and hide from my blog, but I am always amazed when you welcome me back with open arms. I spend time on people's blogs who are raw and open every day about their struggles and I think it is a scary and beautiful thing to witness. I know my blog doesn't get personal but I still feel this strong connection to all of you. Amazing. Well, I want to thank you for being part of my healing, and if you notice I am MIA feel free to drop me a line letting me know how much this blog means to you. It may inspire me to connect my fingers to my keyboard once more. I know I hijacked today's inspiration but I felt compelled to share.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Life is a dance

We often think life has to travel forward in one direction of we ever to reach our goals, but as we know, life does not work in this way. We step to the side, do a turn, step back and then proceed forward once again. All of our footwork is contained on the dance floor we just use the space in different ways. It may seem like we aren't getting anywhere but if you look back and follow your tracks, you have created an intricate design of beauty and grace. In your journal tonight write out a few steps forward you have taken today and a few steps back that you can learn and grow from. This activity will sum up the successes of your day and give you some ideas to work on in the future. When you take time to look back on these dance steps you will be amazed at your beauty and your strength in those moments.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Hello neighbour

There is a gift hiding close to your home that you may sometimes notice but rarely use. Our neighbours are gifts sent us, a community, a connection to the home. Take time this week to connect with those who live near you. Cut some flowers from your garden and bring them over, offer to mow their lawn or bake some muffins to share. If there are children living next door, make an effort to get to know them better. What is their favourite subject in school? Who is their best friend? Connecting to their innocence can remind you of yourself at their age. When new neighbours arrive, let then see your genuine smile and they can know they have arrived in a safe place. Maybe these neighbours are new to your country,or walk with a limp, perhaps ask them their story if they feel willing to share. Understanding, empathy and acceptance can unite us all and fill our lives with a glowing light. I would love to hear how you connect with neighbours.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Gold star for you

When was the last time you created a reward system for yourself? Perhaps when you were a young child? Well, this process works just as well no matter what age you are. First, get a goal in mind. Are you working to finish a degree in school, are you attempting to lose ten pounds, would your life be better if you could just get out of bed on time? After choosing your goal, making sure it is specific and achievable within six months to a year or so, create a reward system. Maybe it is a spreadsheet with gold star stickers, maybe it is a jar with tokens, or you might use a calendar to keep track of your reward milestones. Now is the fun part, contemplate a reward for yourself. Perhaps it is money for a holiday, a new pair of shoes to replace your torn ones, or a meal out at your favourite restaurant with a group of friends. The sky is the limit! We rarely take the time to acknowledge the blood, sweat and tears we pour into this life. We are hard workers even though we feel that we aren't getting anywhere. We just haven't been in an observation role, checking off accomplishments as we go. You will feel stronger, more free. What is your goal?

Friday, 13 September 2013

Play time

I bring up the subject of play often but it just cannot be stressed enough. When we play we transform into a place of innocence, wonder and freedom. Our days are typically filled with responsibility, worry, errands and tasks. Book some play time at least once a week directly into your calendar. Maybe you will play dolls with your niece and nephew, perhaps you will strike up a dance party in the office or head to the mall and try on all new clothes without planning to buy any. Creative play can also be fun. Take a pottery class, try dance lessons, or pick up a guitar. The possibilities are endless and the healing they will bring to your soul is priceless. What's your play away from the everyday?

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Listen to your heart

Our mind likes to tell us all sorts of tales. It asks for an extra scoop of ice cream, it wants to sleep in on a work day, it says we deserve bad treatment from others when that is of course not true. Our brains can do so many amazing things like writing poetry, remembering people's names, and doing math….ugh. But the wires have a way of becoming crossed and we need to look to another organ to tell us the real story. The heart is a place of infinite love, compassion and acceptance. The heart wants us to be peaceful and happy and satisfied. The mind could care less, it is merely a jumble of neurons passing signals back and forth. In a meditative or calm state of breathing and relaxation we can best communicate with the heart. We can understand its true desires and hopes for our future. If you practice prayer this can also be a pathway to the heart as you share your compassion for yourself and others. Take some time today to sit quietly, perhaps journal if you can and focus your energy into your heart centre and let it radiate there and light up your chest, allowing the heart's words to connect more closely to you. How do you listen to your heart?

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Shop local

Something magical happens when we purchase goods from someone in our community. It helps us appreciate the product so much more. There is also a feeling of charity in a way, supporting someone who may not be able to sell their wares to a retailer. It also supports sustainable practices, shopping local is very, very green! Make a plan to check out a craft show or a farmers market in the next week. If you cannot find one in your community, visit a small, independently owned shop like a butcher or a flower shop. Start up conversations about the items you are interested in, learn how they were made and what is special about them. You will treasure your purchase whether it is giant cucumbers from a granny's garden or sweet honey from a bee farm. How do you shop local? What was your favourite experience?

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Just a nibble

Large tasks and goals often seem very overwhelming and can bring with it anxieties that sometimes cause us to back out and turn the other way. It is like sitting down at a restaurant and the waitress insisting that you eat your steak in one mouthful."What?! That's not going to happen!" But if you take the steak with your fork and knife and slice off small chunks, in no time that whole meal is settled securely in your tummy. Choose a goal that you have been thinking of. Maybe you want to run a half marathon, perhaps your heart desires to open a bakery, or you dream of going back to school. Write down the goal as specifically as you can then attach a date to it. Write down six to ten mini goals that you will need to reach along the way. Grab a calendar and decide when those goals could be accomplished. Maybe break those mini tasks into smaller, weekly chunks. One hour, two hours of focus may be all you need. What goal are you trying to reach?

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Wedded bliss

What is it about wedding that can strike the heart with so much emotion? Hope, happiness, everlasting love and optimistic dreams are thick in the air touching each soul who bears witness to the union of two hearts connecting as one. I often wish I could be the one to marry a couple and say the words that will forever flow through their hearts and minds. What a powerful role! Take some time today to get in the wedding spirit. If you are celebrating many happy years of union go into your guest book and read the hopeful quotes from loved ones who support your love. If you are best friends with your lover, why not spend time daydreaming of your special day with the person you want to endure life's struggles and sweetness with. If you are single ask a married couple for coffee and listen to stories of their day and imagine that such a love is possible for you one day when life decides to reveal your life partner to you. What do you love most about weddings?

Friday, 6 September 2013

Shake it out

We lock a lot of emotions away thinking we will deal with them down the road. But emotions are simply energy in motion and they need to be set free. Maybe you are feeling very sad about a sick pet, or a coworker has really upset you, or your partner keeps whistling when whistling is your pet peeve. Find a safe outlet like a good listening friend, a journal, or a mirror. Start out by saying how you feel. Angry, sad, frustrated. Then go into the explanations as to why you are feeling these emotions. Really let it out! Before long, once those emotions are flushed from your body you will start to see things more clearly and you will feel more in balance. Many of us know the cathartic feeling of a good cry. Think of what we could be doing to ourselves by bottling things inside and allowing their toxic energy to poison our mind. You deserve to be at peace so go for it.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Be here. Now.

Life has its wild twists and turns, but when you look at this maze from far above, it's a beautiful, intricate design. Sometimes we may feel lost along the way, unsure of where our next move should be and then we see a sign that says we are exactly where we need to be. We could be experiencing the bliss of our wedding day or struggling with an ill family member, but then these symbols appear to say "stay the course". If you experience deja vu, this could be a signal that you've reached a post marker on your path. If you see a gift from mother nature like a feather or beautiful flower this might also provide a symbol of arrival. Keep your eye open and your mind hopeful. This is your purpose, this is the lesson you you meant to learn, this is perfect. Right now.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Cat stretch

We can learn a lot from our feline friends. All cats past the stage of kitten have this miraculous sense of relaxation. They perform a simple stretch then curl into a ball and choose to nap. Spend some quiet time with yourself today and either watch a cat in action or imagine a big fluffy one sitting close to you. Watch how they gently close their eyes, see how their chin slightly sinks into their soft fur, observe the way they wiggle their foot into just the right position for perfect calmness. We may even drift off into a light slumber as we monitor their actions, our lungs filling and emptying just as the cat does. Don't feel guilt for taking this time to rest. Know that cats never feel guilt no matter how many naps they take, so why should you?

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Twist your words

Sometimes our mind tries to take us into a dark place where we are not whole, worthy, or loved. Many things can trigger such an attack; a stressful situation, grief, an illness or even a day of rough weather is enough to direct our thoughts away from their positive path. When you find yourself spiraling into this zone say "stop!" Write down what your immediate thought is, such as "I can't do anything right". This is your thought and it feels real, but it is not created in logic. What is a more logical thought? "I might make a mistake, but it is worth trying". This might be enough to calm your panicked emotion and steer you back onto a brighter course. Shift the mind into a place of safety, hope and acceptance by blocking the negative, scouting out a positive and staking your claim in a more preferred mental location.

Friday, 23 August 2013


We encounter a number of comments as we flow through our days. Sometimes we receive positive feedback and sometimes it is a negative message. Our typical response is to discard the positive and cling to the negative. The positive message was simply someone being nice and the negative is a sign that we must confront and deal with is what we perceive. We can't control the words that people share with us but we can control how we respond to them. What we do not realize is it took a lot for the person to give us a positive message. They could have said nothing, but they dove deep inside their kindness and let it flow out to us. What a gift! We have earned this comment just by being ourselves and we should embrace the vibe shared with us and know that we are special. Negative feedback is a little more complicated. Do we understand where the motive for this message came from? Are their feelings of inadequacy in the other person? Did they mean to cause harm? We don't have to completely discard this negative note, it may give us a valuable learning experience and even negative notes play a role in the song of our lives. How do you deal with negative notes?

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Holding out for a hero

In our youth we often fixated on different super heroes that would swoop in and save the day. We delighted in their powers and fantasized about teaming up with our hero and making the world a better place. These fantasies brought so much light into our childhood experiences. But at some point, we let the heroes go and focused more on the real world surrounding us. Let us take some time to reflect on a hero. This could be someone we admire, a celebrity, or maybe you will revisit a childhood hero. Take their image into your mind's eye and imagine them healing the struggles you currently face in your life. Maybe they pay your bills by discovering a mine full of gold, perhaps they heal your cancer cell by cell with their universal life force, or maybe they protect your children from baddies. It is ok to meditate on these things. It may seem silly, but that childlike mindset can wash worries away. Who is your hero?

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Smell the flowers

Nature creates a beauty of colours, scents and textures in her flowers that are found from the arctic tundra to the rainforests of Brazil. In each flower we see the miracle of life and the senstive connection between air, water, and nutrients. If any of these are out of balance, the flower suffers, reacting physically with wilted pedals and a dulled hue. We can rarely recognise this change on ourselves. When we are out of whack, the signals are often hidden and we need to work at staying present to fully appreciate our current situation. Take some time today to connect with a flower. Go to a local florest, greenhouse or even a friend's house who has lovely blooms in their yard. Appreciate the gift of now. Appreciate the gift of life.

Friday, 16 August 2013

Wind in your hair

A slight breeze can awake wonders in our mind.  It can cool down a hot summer day, wake you up when you are feeling sleepy, or whisper words of hope for a happy future. Let your worries blow away and direct yourself into the present moment using the wind as your guide. Roll down the windows in your car, let your hair flop this way and that in a fun dance with the breeze. Stand in front of a fan and imagine all your stress being carried away off into the passing air. Open some windows in your house to evoke a cross ventilation system that will awaken your sleeping furniture and sweeten the stale air. By using one of Earth's basic elements we can add healing to our life and a happiness to our soul. How do you use the wind?

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Deep divulging

Inside our backs when we get a knot, there is this rough little patch that is consumed with stress and toxins just begging to be let free. With some deep tissue massaging we can work that knot over and over until it softens and releases. We then use water to flush the loose toxins out. Talk therapy is much like this. We have a deep thought in our subconscious that we keep buried.  When we are asked how we are doing, we push that stressor down and say "I am fine thanks", building another hardened layer over top of the pain. Our minds need massages to work out the kinks hidden in our brain. So how do you do this?  Divulge.  Open.  Honest.  Raw.  Ask a good friend to have a candid conversation with you, record your inner thoughts in a journal, or go to a group therapy session if one is available in your community. When was the last time you rally opened up?  I went to the beach with a fellow blogger and we just poured out our hearts into the sand, it was a beautiful freedom.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Find your flare

Cultures around the world have their own unique way of decorating the human body. It may be a dozen gold necklaces to accentuate the neck, a head dress of flowers and feathers, or tattoos on the face. Each detail brings a sense of community as well as a sense of self. The details we add to our body send a message to others we come in contact with. Why not add some flare to your outfit? Perhaps a scarf, a ring, or a hat.  Find an item that makes you smile and show it off for all the world to see. Your item of flare may even strike up a conversation with a stranger, what a blessing! Decorate and celebrate.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Be the change

People are always watching even when we don't think they are. Our actions speak volumes. What if we pick up some litter in a park? What if we walk a senior across the street? What if we bring a refillable water bottle to the gym? They are watching and they are noticing that we are regular people doing amazing things. They may be inspired to follow our lead and in doing so, they inspire countless others. Live as though the world was a peaceful place and everyone cared for the Earth and looked out for each other. Live as though we are are blessed. Others will connect with this positive energy we are sending out and perhaps adopt the same behaviours.  Change starts with you. What do you do to inspire change?

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Peaceful purging

We hang onto things for a number of reasons.  "I might find a use for this one day", "this item reminds me of my good friend", "If I had some spare time I could do something with this". The objects add up and threaten to add stress to our life and repel calmness from our sacred space. We might have a box of old letters from high school that were passed in the hallway between souls of twisted teenage angst. Do you really require a paper trail of those memories or could you narrow down your pile to a single letter or two? You may have office folders of a project completed five years ago.  Are there still learnings to be had from this material or could it reside in the recycle box? All those stuffies. All those stuffed animals smiling and taking up precious space. Could they be donated to an animal shelter as puppy toys or does their presence truly lift you up every day?  Sometimes, it can be cathartic to just let go.

What is the last place your purged? How did it feel?

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Home is where the heart is

Our homes are our habitat.  They give us shelter from the elements, they provide us with a personal lair that we can decorate as we please, and they offer a place to connect with loved ones without the intrusion of strangers. Take some time to thank you home today.  That is right, I am talking about chores.  But think of chores as love actions for your sweet space where you lay your head, walk around nude, and cook delicious meals. Dust those spots that rarely feel your touch, vacuum under the seat where you graze on munchies, scrub the toothpaste from the sink that greets you each morning. Be mindfull as you polish and mop.  What do I have to be grateful of here in my home? What aspects of this structure bring me happiness and hope?

What makes your special space so important to you?

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Foreign fancies

Movies have the power to transport our thoughts to a completely different dimension of reality. We laugh, we cry, we hide our face when this storybook created specifically for our entertainment asks us to show emotion. This transformation can be very powerful especially when we are in need of a laugh or a cry. Have you tried foreign films? We are instantly planted in a different country with unfamiliar cultures and yet people are exactly the same as they are in our country. We are all one yet we live on a massive planet. Who needs a plane ticket? Foreign films can feel like a mini holiday into new cities and far away country sides. Slide into a new world and don't mind the subtitles!

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The afterlife

Souls dance through planet Earth, connecting, changing, growing.
Where does all that energy go when our light is turned out?
Many different religions believe in alternative paths that we take in the afterlife.
Sleeping beauty that will awake when the resurrection comes.
Heavenly gates that reunite loved ones.
A new life as a tree or whale or new baby awaits depending on how we lived our life.
So many stories, so little proof.
What are we supposed to believe?  You can believe in any afterlife you create in your mind.
The power of thought is a miraculous fuel. It can transport us somewhere else in an instant.
Let us take the time to speak with others of their beliefs and see if we can find an idea that fits our unique view of what happens when we pass on.
Recycled into the Earth.
Our body feeding the lives of plants and nurturing the lives of animals.
But the soul floats on.  To where?  How?  Or does it? Let's discuss….

Monday, 29 July 2013

The sweater

Touch my sweater.
Feel the warm fabric caress your hands.
It is woven with threads of love. 
Each strand is a loving embrace, a belly laugh, a moment of raw trust.

Every encounter with a friend, stranger or family member tells a colourful story
through the knit of my sweater.
You were a loose thread.  I kept tucking you in to make you fit, but you defiantly jutted out again,
away from me.
I must make a cut into the negative weave you continue to pull against.

You are gone.
My sweater is whole again.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Healthy chatter

Talk therapy is a wonderful way to heal. For myself, I talk to my psychologist, my loved ones, and at my group therapy sessions. When we have a blockage somewhere in our body we need to talk it through and let the pain flow out into the atmosphere where it is neutralized and taken up as energy into the environment.  Recycle those hurts within yourself. Purge the bad feelings in a safe setting with people you trust.  Maybe you have abnormal cells in your throat that pose the threat of cancer, maybe you have an eating disorder that prevents yourself from getting the nutrients you deserve, perhaps you are suffering from grief or sadness. Talk through the fear, the pain, the frustration. You might actually create deeper relationships by opening up about your health or others might even relate to your story which then creates an intimate bond. Some people even share their inner mental and physical health ponderings using an online blog.  How do you share? Who can you confide in?

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Book it

You are so worth it.  Time to treat yourself for working so hard in this crazy race called life. Even if you haven't been achieving your goals lately, it is important to still offer yourself some love and say thanks for living. Thanks for being.  I have booked a massage for next week.  Maybe you will sign up for a reiki treatment, a pedicure, or maybe a dental teeth cleaning - that can be a treat! I would love to hear how you have spoiled your wee self.

Friday, 19 July 2013

The story of ink

Tattoos tell a personal story about a unique soul sharing the planet with us. A statement of "never again" might cover up razor blade cuts from a tough depression, an ampersand might symbol a partnership between two lovers, and a tree might symbolize a daughter with the lovely name of Aspen. Each story is a personal tale of struggle, achievement and hope.  Take some time today to pull together all your courage and ask someone, maybe a stranger, about their body art. I have done this on many occasions and I always enjoyed the intimate outcome from the encounter. Do you have a tattoo?  I have a sea turtle (the Earth was created on the turtle's back) being propelled through water, the elixir of life, and the water drifts into music.  Live in harmony with nature and she will bless you with a sense of peace and wonder.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Learning lust

Learning something new can change us forever.  Inside our brilliant brain a chemical change occurs in our neurons and we are never the same.  We create new information to recall at a later date and our confidence builds just a little more. There are so many ways to learn something new.  We could read an article in a magazine, sign up for a workshop or seminar, or as they say, "google it". Could you learn something new in your job?  Write down the questions you would like answers to and when you have some down time, search for those answers by connecting with other specialists in your field.  Boom!  Learning has occured!

Wednesday, 17 July 2013


I have connected messages directly from my soul to yours along with ten thousand pairs of eyes. I have my close following friends who write to me on a daily basis and I have those who pop by once in awhile to share their peace of mind. Together we are working to put a hold on negativity and to search the corners of our life for those moments that make us glow with gratitude. Originally I had wanted to write a lot more of science but mental health was right in my face.  I knew I couldn't make a difference in the world if I wasn't first making a difference in my heart. Love thyself. Trust thyself and know that no matter where you go, you are always with you. Namaste friends.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Poem for a friend

Sunlight's rays pierce the water.
A fine mist rises from the solid mass.
This is his essence.
A baby laughs and coos.
Its happiness shakes the air and energy flows to all who listen.
This is his comedic side that only a special few can see.
A tree sways in a dance with the wind but its roots dig in.
Protecting the tree's core from bending too far.
This is his loyalty to others.
A boat sails gently only water.
Adjusting and shifting with the breeze.
This is his spirit that meanders through change fearlessly.
He is a rock.
He is hope.
He is my friend.

Have you written a poem for a friend lately?

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Game changer

Games can be fun little breaks from the everyday flow of life.  They can challenge your mind, make you laugh out loud or even give you a bit of a winning high. Board games with the family, some cribbage on the deck, carnival games or online little fun games can bring some light into your day.  If you have an addiction to playing or gambling make sure to be cautious with this challenge.  When is the last time you played a game?

Friday, 12 July 2013

Cry a little

It is good practice to flush our emotions out.  Like a detox for our soul to allow more happiness to flow inside. Crying is extremely helpful to our emotional body.  If you are like me and never really cry for any reason then pop in a sad movie and immerse yourself in the story.  Your eyes are guaranteed to get wet. Going to group sessions like alcoholics anonymous or having a private one on one conversation with a good friend in a comfortable setting can also be safe venues to showcase your sadness. What makes you cry?

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Give some presence

Giving gifts can bring with it a charge of positive electricity into our brains and for some reason makes us feel just a little bit better. Spending money is not the point of this challenge. Could you give a pair of jeans that no longer fit to the tiny person at work? Can you draw a picture of a flower for a friend who needs some cheering up? Make an extra sandwich in your lunch to share with someone else?  The smaller the gesture potentially the more meaningful it might be. I would love to hear about your random acts of kindness!

Wednesday, 10 July 2013


Connect with an animal today.  No, not your inner animal, but an actual, different species from your own. If you have a pet, take some moments to stroke their fur or scaly skin and thank them for being in your life.  Bathe, brush or trim them, make them feel special in your own way. If you don't have a pet, make a trip to the local dog park and ask owners if you can pet their canine friend or head to the pet store or animal shelter for some one on one animal connection time. These moments remind us to slow down and appreciate life for some strange reason.  We connect with another one of Earth's species and find that we have something in common, an affinity for affection and love. How do you connect with animals?

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Your loss

When a soul's light on this Earth gets turned out, we grieve the loss of their gifts, their presence. How can this world function without their laughter, their jokes, their hugs? In these times of loss we need to retrain our mind to look at the life before it was extinguished. When we remember their happy antics we allow their soul to enter this world and dance for a little while and that is a beautiful thing.  Take some time today to think back on a life you've lost in your life and try to recall happy moments that coloured this amazing tapestry known as your life.

Monday, 8 July 2013

The others

We often feel a slight repel when faced with people very different from us.  We retract our smile and keep our hands at our sides because the being in front of us showcases alternative qualities to what we generally deem as comfortable or acceptable. Step out of your comfort zone this week by offering a smile to bikers, foreign visitors and homeless humans.  A good place to go is the local pool.  There is an eclectic mix of people here.  Young and old, foreign and non-english speaking souls. Each time you connect with these people, remember that we are all made from the same general genome sequence and we are here sharing the resources of the planet as one.  One love.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Shake it up

Maybe it is time. Time to take on a new challenge.  A new goal to focus our mind's spirit on. Think of how you might want to grow.  Maybe you sign up for a photography course at the local college, maybe you enter a 5km walk/run fundraiser, perhaps you will organize a BBQ for family or friends. We are different from other species with our goals.  Their goal is survival, ours is to find a place of bliss.  We can achieve this bliss when we align our passions, our desires and connect with a new learning experience. Take your snow globe of life and shake it up a bit, what flavour will you add to the mix?

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Let in the light

We are three planets away from the brightest star, the sun. Its presence keeps life sustained on Earth.  Not too hot, not too cold, just right for species survival. Take 30 minutes out of your day today to spend in the presence of sunlight.  Let the rays and the vitamin D fill your pores with a radiant glow. Go for a walk, sun bathe (with loads of sunscreen) or eat a meal outdoors.  Is it raining out today?  Make a plan in your daytimer to do a picnic with friends in the near future.  Soleil!!

Friday, 5 July 2013

A healthy dose of chit chat

Talk therapy is extremely powerful for many people. You take the thoughts that have been festering in your mind and you bring them into the oxygen rich air to breathe and evolve into something brighter.  Something that might serve us well. It can take a lot to trust another person with our thoughts, but once we do, it's magic. Let the words flow gently out of your body to avoid the dam they might cause within your soul.  Watch the words as they flow out, how do they may you feel?  How can you learn something new from them? Not everyone is up for being a good listener so make sure to shop around before divulging too much.  When is the last time you had a healthy dose of chit chat?

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Still waters

We are often always on the go. We buy groceries, head to the gym, and go to work.  But what about some recharge time? What if we take some time to lay on the beach, sit back and read a book, call an old friend.  Just sit. Just be. Just recharge. These things don't fit into our idea of the perfect productive day but maybe we should sprinkle our busy days with tiny bouts of rest. If you need to, write "rest" into your to do list. How do you recharge?

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Check it out

I would like to challenge you to make a list this week.  I am a list junky. Record all the tasks you might have onto a sheet with four quadrants.  Write "priority important" in the top left quadrant.  Next to it write "priority, not important".  In the bottom left place "not priority, important" and "not priority, not important in the last section.  Try to complete as many of the priority tasks as possible.  To treat yourself you can complete one of the "fluffy" tasks in the bottom right corner. I use one of these sheets for my whole week at work.  I cross them off and depending on the day, I highlight them with a different colour. It helps alleviate all those floating tasks swimming through my brain and it helps me see that I am doing a good job even if I feel I haven't accomplished much that day. I would like to hear how your list making goes.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Work it out

Choose a day this week to catch up on work.  Make a list.  You can do tasks at home or work.  Weed the garden.  Sew a shirt. Book a meeting. Pay bills.  Whatever the tasks, right them down and prepare for a busy day of task completion.  Make sure to schedule some down time for afterwards.  Perhaps you will ride your bike to the ice cream shop or read the new book you bought.  Sometimes hard work can rev our engines and allow us to coast for a little while.  As we say in Canada "Just give'r".

Monday, 1 July 2013

From the heart

Choose a task today that would see you giving back to the community.  It can be as big as signing up to work at the animal shelter or it can be as simple as pulling out clothes to give to charity. Have you ever mowed a neighbour's lawn for them?  Can you imagine what that gesture would mean? When we give we step beyond the ego and enter a realm of love.  Kindness. Heart.  If you connect with balancing chakras then make sure you breath into your heart and exhale "Ahhhh" and visualize this giving that you are about to do.  Let it fill your soul.

Sunday, 30 June 2013

Always with you

A good friend once gave me a sterling silver angel that said "Always with you".  I thanked her and exclaimed "Yes.  You are always with me".  She explained that the symbol meant something different and that I would figure it out in time.  It took me a month or so and then it came to me…I am my own angel and no matter what I am always with me. Whether I am in conflict, or I am travelling or I am all alone, there is nothing to worry about because I have a friend at my side.  My very own self.  Say thank you to your friendly essence and treat yourself to a day of fun.

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Quiet the mind

Step outside of your mental chatter and look at yourself from a distance.  This simple act can be completed through prayer, meditation, yoga, cycling or journalling. Allow the thoughts to flow freely, but focus a little more closely on your breath.  Inhale, exhale, in with bright feelings, out with dark. You don't have to completely empty your mind, that is very hard to know, just allow the noise to fade into a rythm.  Calm your senses and think of it as recharging, like your cellphone needs to do!

Friday, 28 June 2013

Draw yourself in

You may have to take a trip to an art supply store for this inspiration. Drawing and painting allow us to let our emotions and our mind to connect with an outlet that once in a while can actually reflect back a healing presence. Draw like a five year old, scribble any idea that comes to your mind then analyze it's story later. Draw an image for a friend.  Use their big heart as an inspiration and watch the brush weave its way across the page. Use colours, use textures, finger paint if you like.  Invite a friend over for a bit of tandem drawing fun. I tried this out at the breakfast table and although I was of course critical of my work, I could see a message speaking to me through the lines. Get artsy!

Thursday, 27 June 2013


How are we able to find answers if we are not asking the right questions?  There are people out there who have a personality of question asking.  Pharmacists, engineers and lab technicians needs to know details before they can even begin moving forward.  Maybe you need to ask questions at work. Ask if anyone else has worked on a similar project to yours. Maybe you need to ask a personal question of a friend. Ask if they are upset about anything or if they have seen changes in you lately. Perhaps you need to ask a nighbour about a nice tree they purchased.  Whatever it is, let this question and answer dance expand your mind into a flexible space.  Explore the new changes and see where they take you.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

A wee celtic cuddle

Andy Donnelly, a radio host on the amazingly independent radio station CKUA, always invites his listeners to connect with someone close by and give them a wee celtic cuddle. Choose one person to give a big hug to.  Make it count.  Hold on for a little extra squeeze just to get all the yummy endorphins out.  When was the last time you had a really good hug?

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Give a little

Giving back doesn't have to mean travelling to a foreign land to build schoolhouses. Although, that is an honourable notion. You can create worldwide change just by doing a tiny bit of good for someone else. Let the person with three grocery items go ahead of you in line, say "hello" to people passing you on the sidewalk, or pay the coffee for the person behind you at the cafe. What if this small act kept being paid forward? How far mind this kindness reach? On a personal note, I had a police officer help me. He was from Uganda. After he went out of his way to make my life better I. Decided to thank him by sponsoring a little girl from his home country. His selfless act reached across the world and he didn't even know it.

Friday, 21 June 2013

Disaster relief

Crisis can trigger all sorts of emotions. It can take people from their routine and it throws them for a loop. Floods, storms, acts of terror, these situations will stick in our memories forever. But isn't it wondrous how humans come together in times of need. As though we are biologically programmed to go out of our way and help a perfect stranger. We stand up against the threat and proclaim that we will make a difference. Have you ever experienced a disaster? Did people come together to help each other out?

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Phone a friend

Getting together with old friends is like hot chocolate and a fire after a day of cold skiing. They know you, they accept you and they genuinely care. Grab your calendar and choose a date then call or email or Facebook a friend you have not laughed with for awhile. Let them know you are thinking of them and want to catch up. The magic will just happen from there. Too busy to meet with friends? Set up a Skype meeting and you can still create a strong bond and transfer feelings of love and acceptance through the web.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

It's a celebration

Whew! We made it. It is a success and it is time to celebrate. Did you cook a nice meal, complete a big assignment or teach your child to tie their shoes? Stand proud and exclaim "I did it!" Tell your friends and allow the word "congratulations" to simmer on your mind. You deserve this honour. You are truly one of a kind and the world is lucky to have you.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Get dirty

Place your hands upon the Earth and experience the potential for life that lives within each molecule of the soil. Plant a seed and imagine the buds emerging from the ground fed by water and sunlight and the many nutrients abundant in the soil's rich texture. You are creating life you are giving back to the Earth knowing all the amazing things the planet provides for us every day. If a plant is already growing but in a place you don't want it to flourish then give it a quick pull. Look at its roots at how hardy and defiant it was in our garden. Smell the Earth; appreciate the growth, the recycling of life, the complexity of one small yard or flower pot. Life exists all around us but digging in the dirt can somehow bring us closer to home.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Get real

Whenever someone asks how we are we say, "fine". When someone asks how work is going we say, "busy". Our emotional lives are far more complicated than that. We have needs and goals and thoughts and dreams. We have passion and anger and worry. Choose someone to open up to and share exactly how things are going in your life. Spare no details and be as real as you can. This kind of genuine interaction can be very healing for both the speaker and the listener. It may be scary but it may also be worth the risk. Give it a try!

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Burning rubber

Place your hands on the handlebars of your favourite two wheeled companion and set out for an adventure.  If you don't have a bike you can rent one or borrow one from a friend. You may hear birds chirping, smell flowers in bloom and see families in the park as you glide by.  Find a hill and see if you can push your way up without stopping to walk.  Throw your bike into the toughest gear and see how fast your wheels can go. Choose a destination, maybe a coffee shop or a nice lake to stop and rest by. When was your last bike ride, was it an enjoyable experience?

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Drive by

A short visit from a friend could perk up any afternoon. A smile, a warm embrace and the reminder that our days are about more than our routines is a recipe for a great day no matter how mundane. Try retuning the favour.  Stop by a friend's workplace or home and pop in just to say a quick "hello".  It doesn't have to be long, a few minutes is all you need to wish your friend a good day and let them know you think of them. Do you practice regular drive by's? Sorry, that's just what I call them, you can call them pop in's if you prefer. Any stories of a particular visit that lifted you up?

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Dog gone it that's a good walk

One of the best ways to lift your spirits is a brisk walk.  For some reason taking a walk with a dog enhances the experience as we know we are making this creature happy simply by using our two feet to help them burn off some energy.  I don't actually have a dog so I call up my friend to join him and his four legged friend for a stroll through our neighbourhood.  These walks can take up to 40 minutes.  Heart rate is pumping along, I feel calmer and stronger than I did before I left the house.  The fresh air leaves me feeling satisfied and letting the sun kiss my face keeps me glowing inside. How do you find dog walks benefit you?

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Light the shade

Creating an ambience is a simple act with far reaching impacts. Light a candle for dinner, for the bath or just during the day while reading a book.  Remember back to those times of connecting in a dark restaurant with candles lit all around. Remember how those moments made you feel so intimate, so close. When is the last time you lit a candle?

Friday, 5 April 2013

Sleep it off

We often think of rest as unproductive, but when fighting off an illness or just an overall low vibe, climb into bed and relax under the covers.  A quick snooze could rev you up for the rest of the day.  Look at dogs and cats, they never feel lazy for taking all their naps and we don't look at them with disgust.  Don't feel bad if you need to lay your head down.  It doesn't mean you are old or weak, just human.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Liquid comfort

Not all liquids are created equal. It is important to care for our body by choosing a liquid that will not only quench our thirst but soothe our soul.  With every sip the potion flows through our bodies enveloping us with a smile. What special liquid will you chose to treat yourself with today?  Water infused with fruit or flowers, mint lemonade, a nice herbal tea perhaps? Choose wisely and see how your body changes after connecting with the sweet nectar.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Close calls

Sometimes our mind may spiral into a place of fear and pain.  Once we feel ourselves falling we believe we may hit bottom but you can always pull the chute. You may simply need to turn on an entertaining tv show and let the fears dissolve back into the background.  You may phone a friend to go for a quick coffee to set your mind straight again.  You may simply need a nap.  Record what works for you so that if the darkness ever attempts to creep in you will be standing guard and ready for a fight.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Road trip

Adventure awaits. You never know what might happen when you hit the highway and head off to explore another town.  Plan ahead or jump in your car and go.  Say hi to relatives, eat a good meal with friends or travel solo and enjoy the company of strangers.  Sometimes the best way to see life is by travelling away from it for awhile.  Where was the last road trip you took?

Friday, 29 March 2013

Climb aboard the reading rainbow

Create a plan to visit your nearest library.  You can search for titles online or you can take bit more time and wade into the fiction section with a plan to read the backs of as many books as you can. When you find a good choice you make a commitment to invite that book into your life for a short period.  It may change how you think or how you see the world.  After translating words to thoughts your imagination will alter cells in your brain and you may never be the same person again.  If you are part way into the book and it is not working for you, put it down. There's no shame in grabbing what you can from a book and moving on to another story.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

big little things

We are well aware of how we can manifest the smallest problem into a large issue.  Well we are just as skilled at taking a small victory and exploding it into a winning battle cry. At the last bout of winter you may hear the song of a bird.  That small gesture from one of nature's beautiful creatures signals the coming of spring.  The coming of spring means warm sun on your face, the smell of fresh cut grass and my personal favourite, music festvals. Practice this with a small bonus in your day. Ask, if this little miracle is true, what else is possible until your mind is swirling in a bright dream world. We all deserve good days, let in as many good feelings as you can.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Shift into idle

We spend a lot of our day in fourth gear, flying from one task to the next.  But in this fast paced lifestyle we tend to forget things, make mistakes and sometimes we flat out trip ourselves.  Shift your brain to an idle gear and do tasks such as filing, organizing, and creative imagery to plan for future tasks. This allows the blocked thoughts to become free, so keep a pad of paper beside you to capture flying random ideas. This not only allows you to slow down and to think of plans to help you move forward, but it also helps you to reset, to fuel you up before another mega tasking spree.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Go with the flow

Making mistakes is human.  It happens all the time.  We may leave our car light on and drain the battery, we may wash delicates in the regular wash cycle or burn the garlic toast.  Why do we often allow these small situations to create self-loathing and frustration? Chidlren rarely harbour guilt or upset feelings over mistakes they have made.  Hitting their sibling, spilling milk on Mom's phone or getting dirty hands on clean window drapes has the instant reaction of negative emotion, then minutes later, the thought disappears, never to be brought up again.  Like water of a duck's back, they face their mistakes and move on.  When did we move away from this blank screen approach and instead fill our thoughts with should have and could haves untill our stomach feels the stress we've put it under.  Be gentle with yourself, move onwards and upwards.

Monday, 25 March 2013

Give thanks to water

Water is life.  Without it we can only survive for a few days.  In developed countries water comes flowing clean directly from our taps.  We are so blessed to have this resource.  Celebrate water today by going swimming and delight in the playful aspect of water's healing abilities.  Stand under the warm stream of your shower and say "thanks water". Drink a glass of crystal clear ice cold water and feel it sending good vibes into all your cells.  We may think about it as often as we think of breathing, but water truly is our life's blood. Enjoy and celebrate!

Sunday, 24 March 2013


Corpse pose. This healing act with the body on the ground, palms up beside the hips and feet splayed open can take a day of stress and let it melt away.  But what if we could take this pose out of the yoga studio and perhaps into nature? Find a picnic table under a big tree, crawl up and lay down giving thanks for the sun on your face. Find a fresh patch of snow and lay your body down on the cool ground, being the first shape to touch the fallen white flakes. If you're lucky enough to have green grass, choose a perfect location and surrender your body to the ground.  Focus on the air leaving your body and coming in. Be one with mother earth.  Give thanks for gravity and light and fresh air to breathe.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Get thrifty

It's time for a fun activity. You deserve it.  Take $20 and head to your nearest thrift shop.  Give yourself a good hour or two to really sift through all the treasures.  Reusing items is a fantastic way to respect the planet and you're supporting organizations that may do some charity work.  It's a win win for everyone involved. To make it even more delightful, bring a friend.  You can examine each others findings and do a bonus high five.

I found a stuffed frog and fish for an educational art display I have for work.  And all under $10!

Friday, 22 March 2013


How amazing does it feel when, out of nowhere, someone treats you special for no reason whatsoever? Their kind act leaves you beaming with love and light. A cupcake shows up on your desk, your driveway is shovelled, your coffee is paid for by the person in front of you in line.  Wow.  The world is a better place for those brief moments.  What if you pay it forward to someone else? Spread the light to others and lift as you climb.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Community tea

We are all like buds connected to a giant vine.  We think we're so separate but deep within there are many strands that connect us. Explore your community.  Speak to a neighbour, go to a talk on an issue you enjoy, sit with your co-workers at lunch, or smile at the person running past you on the trail. The more you can light up each bud on this big vine, the brighter and more open our own bud becomes because we are strengthening the plant...or the planet...

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Kindred spirits

Male and female.
Black and white.
Young and old.
Parent and single.
Kindred spirits.

Thank you Rob for being my guide in a unique journey. Namaste.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Dance therapy

Movement to music.  Allowing your body to twist and turn, reach and drop, rise and fall allows the blood to flow around in a unique pattern that is far different than sitting down in a reclined position most of the day.  Music has healing abilities that can alter the chemistry of our brain and when we move to music we are re-enacting a cultural tradition that's occured for thousands of years.  Connecting to our core spirit in a primal way.

So what kind of dance is good dance?  Any dance.  Morning dance parties in your PJs, car dancing on the commute to work, blues club dancing, ballroom dance, tai-chi, Zumba fitness, or kundalini dance (my personal favorite, google it), a personalized rythmic movement with breathe and sound that connects and energises our seven chakras. Dance it out!

Monday, 18 March 2013

O' negative

Anytime we can squash the negative charges that somtetimes plague our body, the better.  We all want to live a happy, hopeful and peaceful life, right?  This task will take some serious metal will, but see how often you can flex your positive thinking muscle.  Guy cuts you off in traffic, "He must be in a hurry, not my problem".  A lady has 15 items in the 12 item line, "That's not a big deal". A coworker questions your ideas at work, "They think differently than me, I know it's a great idea and that's ok".  See how many potentially negative situations occur in your day and practice turning them around.  I would love to hear what you discover.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Mo' nature

Nature can inspire us. The sight of a waterfall flowing around ice and snow covered rocks into a lake as smooth as glass can take your breath away. Feeling the sun on your face as you watch unique clouds pass by your vision can be healing .Hearing the scrunch scrunch of freshly fallen snow beneath your feet can rock your body into a place of calm.  Can you find a way to let mother nature touch your life today?  Purchase a plant for your office, find a picnic table outdoors to stop and read from your book, book a trip to the mountains or ocean. Healing is all around us, we just have to let her in.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

So what

We have high expectations of ourselves. It is only natural.  But sometimes these high expectations may bring with them feelings of guilt, shame or frustration.  Life is to short to ever feel those emotions so we have to do what we can to manage them. Over the next few days try to be a little more gentle with yourself. You ate an extra helping at dinner, so what? You were late leaving work and missed your fitness class, so what? You chose to wait another few days before vacuuming the house, so what?  Treat yourself with kindness and don't mind the little things so much.

Friday, 15 March 2013

We are the lucky ones

"Why can't we see the sweet things until they're all gone?" Singer songwriter Danny Michel wrote these profound words. There are times in our lives when all the world seems to be going right and we take for granted that we happen to be really lucky in that moment. Until it's gone and then we miss the past. This can apply to your body - love it now because it may change in the future and you'll look back on this time and say "wow". It could be family, you may have started a relationship again with a sibling.  Be grateful for this. Celebrate it.  You never know when your luck might run out. Don't be scared for the future, but celebrate the good that's happening now.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Get high. Five.

Here is your mission for today.  Give at least three people high fives today.  Everybody loves high fives, they feel amazing. Maybe you're out buying groceries and you say to the cashier "$0.50 off dishwashing detergent.  High five!" Perhaps you are at work and you say to a co-worker "It's a sunny day outside today.  High five".  Or maybe you are at the gym and you exclaim to the person next to you "35 minutes on the elliptical. High five."  I would love to hear how creative you were with your high fives today.  Good luck and God speed.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Call y'er mum

Parents. As small children they are our heroes, and no one on Earth could be stronger or smarter than them.  As teenagers, we think we know so much more than they do, and sometimes we think they're un-cool. As adults it is so important to connect with our parents and learn a little more about them as people.  What are their hopes, dreams?  What of their past do they wish they would have changed? Which people mean the most to them and why? Sometime today contact at least one parent or a person who fills a parental role for you, and tell them how much they mean to you.  Sounds hard? Sounds simple? Just give it a try and see how you feel.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Ask and ye shall learn

The more we can can add knowledge to our brain, the more our world will make sense to us.  Try to find out where your water comes from and where it goes for treatment.  Water is an essential need and to truly value it we have to understand its journey into and out of our lives.  What about waste?  Do you know where your waste goes?  Does it head to a landfill to be buried and not decompose or does it arrive at a composting plant to be recycled?  Ask as many questions as you please.  This is your brain armed with fresh knowledge.  If you already know the path that water and waste take, could you tell a friend or co-worker and enlighten them?  Spread the "k"!

Monday, 11 March 2013

Creature comforts

Animals may appear to be completely different species from our human race, but we are still connected.  Animals worry about survival and family well-being.  They don't read books, gamble, or wear clothes.  They do listen, feel and protect. Is there an animal you could spend time with?  Maybe stop by the pound and offer to walk the dogs, post a fuzzy animal photo on your desktop, or fill the bird feeder in the park by your house.  Find a way to connect with the other species that share our home planet with us.  You may actually learn something new about yourself.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

It's ok to fake it

We don't always feel in the mood to sport a giant smile for all the world to see.  But just as we try to eat better and become more active, we can also increase our smile time.  Smiling, even if it's fake can allow positive messages to be sent to our brain creating a chain reaction that sometimes can even lead us to smile genuinely.  Practice your smile while driving, in a fitness class or watching a concert.  Smile at the grocery store cashier, smile at your co-worker, smile at your cat.  The more we practice this instant mood lifting technique, the better we just might feel.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Try it on

We of course love to do things we enjoy, but what about trying on someone else's most loved activity? Maybe your relative likes to paint, grab an easel and allow your hand to flow in sync with theirs. Maybe a friend likes to walk but travels at a slow pace, try matching their footsteps and letting them know they are moving fast enough.  Perhaps your partner enjoys silly reality shows, could you possibly give up an hour of your day to make comments that bounce back and forth with your lover?

Friday, 8 March 2013

In your eyes

Our reflection of oursevles can be skewed with self-doubt, misconceptions about our bodies and disappointment or frustration. Ask others what they think of you. Their vision of you is genuine and hopefully honest. Being looked at through someone else's eyes might bring us to understand our true worth and that we are more perfect and whole than we imagine ourselves to be.  Honour this reflection and give thanks for its kind truth.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Slow and steady wins the race

Take a wee nap.  You are worth it.  You deserve a little relaxation time.  Thinking of taking a long soak in the tub?  Why not.  When is the last time you treated yourself?  Napping is not for lazy people, it's for people who believe in self-care.  If your body and mind need to slow down, why fight it? We are fragile beings who need to re-set every now and then, so try to avoid pushing your to-do list past the feeling of exhaustion and take a breather. Rest. Restore. Renew.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Hello sunset!

The natural world can provide our lives with so much beauty, but when is the last time you set up a date in your calendar to watch the sunset? Maybe you're driving home from the office or at home making up some dinner, but as the sun sets and pinks and golds and reds cover the sky, look up and give thanks for being able to witness such a sweet scene.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Get a grip

One place we can always improve control in our lives is with our finances.  Is there any way to consoldate debt?  To ask for an interest rate reduction?  Pay money to a friend for outstanding debts?  Making a simple phone call or to may allow stress to be released from your shoulders.  A good friend of mine recently took these tasks on and she is beaming with pride now.  I am so proud of her.  Are you ready to tackle your finances?

Monday, 4 March 2013

value family values

Blood is thick.  It connects to other human beings in a unique way that can't be replicated.  We may not always get along the best, but there is this cord that ties families together.  Take some time for family this week.  How about a games night or time out for coffee?  Sharing with family members might bring new insights that you couldn't get from friends or your own brain.  Explore. Live. Love.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Better people

 What I have could be a message
Or just some words from my heartMy respect to the ones making changesFor all the lives they'll give their all
Like giving food to the hungryGiving hope to the needyGiving life to a baby, giving care for free'Cause there is freedom around usWe have everything we need and I will care for you'Cause you care for meAnd we all have opinions, some of them get throughBut there's better people with more good to do, good to do

                                       Better People by Xavier Rudd