Friday, 4 October 2013

The universe and me

We are surrounded by a powerful force that is beyond any amount of strength we could offer out to the world. The universe is infinite, endless possibility, hope and energy. Sometimes we forget to go with the flow rather than trying to force the universe to change its ways. If a project at work gets cancelled, the universe has a plan for a new endeavour that will be better than the last. If the gas station pumps are out of order, maybe you were meant to meet the gas attendant at another station. If you are out of milk for your cereal, maybe you were meant to treat yourself to an egg sandwich on the go. At every curve, every setback, ask yourself what message the powerful universe is trying to send you. Then relax and surrender into the hope and calmness of the all-knowing spirit of the cosmos. How is your relationship with the universe? Do you try to fight it or do you just flow?