Wednesday, 23 October 2013


Memories are coated with a new film. A sweetness covers over the grey lines that once clouded my image. Your words drip into me like liquid honey. I hold them tight and cling to them as though they are all that matters. I matter. But in this brief exchange, the lens transitions to a new location and I spot the beauty only you could see. I am beauty. The sheath of my dark thoughts becomes brittle and transparent. I am not darkness. I am light.


  1. Many thanks to my amazing friends who keep trying to lift me up when the darkness continues to drag me down. I have come back to you, for now at least!

  2. i see your inner poet in these words. beautiful :)

  3. I hope to see you over at my place, soon. Let me know when would be a good time to talk. I have time for you, even though I'm busy.

  4. We are always here for you Vanessa. We are your family :)

    1. Trust me, I feel that. I feel so supported and love by you.