Monday, 30 April 2012

Whole lot of acceptance

Within the tightly curled bud lies a full leaf waiting to energy.  Within the embryo, all the possibilities of a sweet little baby exist.  Within each of us is all we need to be perfect and whole.  Perhaps pain, shame or fear has held us back from revealing our true being.  But those are only obstacles on the journey to discovering your destiny, your purpose, you.

Take time today to remember you are complete as you are.  There is nothing to fix or to search for.  Just be.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Immortal youth

Spending time with children allows us to re-live our innocence,  wonder and delight.  As adults, we rarely exclaim "I want to push the button!", nor do we cheer "All done!"  when a meal is finished.  When we walk we are often on a mission, forgetting to follow the pattern of the tiles below our feet.  When we sit in a park, we forget to twirl into a dizzy heap.  If you can today, go somewhere where you can observe children at play.  Let their freedom and laughter inspire you to re-visit the youth that still lives inside you.

Play on.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

The emotion trap

Anger, sadness, laughter.  These emotions are necessary for living a full and happy life.  We can cause harm when we try to block these emotions.  They are merely energy in motion which are asking for a chance to flow.  Like a blanket flapping in the wind or ocean waves lapping on the shore we can allow our emotions to swirl through our bodies, allowing them to be loved and accepted.  By trapping emotions, we tie the blanket into a knot and we try and bottle the ocean.  This is not only difficult, it can also leave scars within us.  It is important not to harm others with the flow of our emotions, but we can scream in the car, we can have a good laugh with friends and sadness can belt felt sometimes without tears at all.

Enjoy the flow.

Friday, 27 April 2012

A world without strangers

Across the beach, amidst the crashing water
A hand is waving
I give a small wave in return

The figure jumps over a small tide pool
I do the same

Distance closes between us
We match stride for stride

Close, closer, the figure is a girl
She smiles, I smile

Stop.  My foot touches something hard
I look down
Her foot is touching mine
I look into her eyes
But my own eyes stare back

The mirror hidden in the sand emerges
The stranger fades away

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Stop looking, start finding

We are often looking for answers to the choices we should be making in our lives, but the answers are already within us, waiting to be heard.  Ask yourself these questions:

If a fire occurred in your house, what item would you grab first to save it from the licking flames?

On your 75th birthday what would make you cry?

If an illuminous healer approached you and had a motto to share with you, what would that motto be?

If there was one fear you could get rid of, what would it be?

If you are courageous enough to share your answers, I will share mine…


Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Mind over brain

It's nighttime.  You are tossing and turning.  Your brain won't shut off.  Or you are in a meeting or deep conversation but your mind is spinning you away from the topic at hand.  These moments highlight how often we spend in our brains.  Brains are a good thing of course.  They tell us if a traffic light is red, they remind us to walk one foot at a time and they recognise the faces of co-workers.  But it's not up to our brains to make our lives better, they are only part of the mechanics of our body, they are not the motherboard.  The energy centre of the mind lives beyond the physical boundaries of our bodies.  It is expansive, unlimited, free.  While the Brain is like a tightly wound ball of string that seems to follow a pattern and then returns in circles, the mind is outer space - endless, open.

Practice spending time in your mind through mindfulness techniques.  Wherever you are sitting, imagine the items around you are alive.  Feel the energy they give off.  If people or animals cross your path, watch their movement, imagine their breath.  Focus your energy on the very moment at hand and on how lucky you are to be in this moment, in this space, surrounded by these items and living creatures.

Do you struggle with "getting out of your head"?
What do you practice to spend time in the expansive mind?

Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Here's a tough challenge for today....

No matter how happy we may feel or how bright our day, one person with a negative outlook can spiral us into darkness with them.  Opposing views, beliefs and values can create an uneasy feeling of conflict.  But we can choose to look at these awkward connections with gratitude.  It's true.  Picture a negative person in your mind.  It could be an angry person on the bus, a friend or spouse in a bad space, a co-worker who enjoys rocking your boat.  Imagine that person behind your closed eyes, smile and send them messages of loving-kindness.  Choose four messages of peace, health, freedom and happiness.  Say their name out loud or in your head if you know it.  Continue repeating the phrases until your mind relaxes.  Next time you see this person, you will feel more calm, positive and in control.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Patience makes perfect

As a species, we are not very patient.  If injured, we try to heal oursevles faster than the wound can comprehend.  If heartbroken, we can sometimes rush to find comfort in another's arms.  If lost, we compile maps, guidebooks and a compass to find our way once again.

Today, atttempt patience.  Like the tree who waits until late spring to bloom, simply wait for what is to come.  Watch a plant if you can today.  Rather than blooming at the first clearing of frost from the season, the plant knows that it's not the right time to reveal its flowers.  It holds on until the worms are busy in the warm ground and the bees are flying overhead and only then does the plant attempt to bloom.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Catch your reflection

The people around us, our friends and loved ones, are a reflection of ourselves.  If you are constantly amazed by the strength and grace of those in your life, then perhaps you could take some time to see the strength and grace within yourself.

Find an old letter, card or message from a friend and spend time pouring over each sweet word.  They gave you this gift because of the incredible person you are.  Savour it.  If you feel particularly inspired, consider writing a letter or sending a card to a person you care for.  Live in those moments of gratitude.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

You are not alone

On our journeys it is easy to feel solitary.  We can feel as though we are the only person facing this struggle and that it is up to us to soldier on, alone.  This is an untruth.  Whether you believe it or not, there is spirit or energies constantly circling us, just waiting for us to request their help, their power.  Many aboriginal cultures believe that the spirits of our grandfathers and grandmothers are stored in the trees, herbs and animals hat cover the landscape.  What if this is true, and we can tap into our ancestors strength when we are facing a tough problem? Think about the internet.  We can connect with people across the world in seconds.  This is a simple way to understand the flow of energy we are lucky to have. 

When I sing or dance, I can often feel connected to these ancient spirits, as though I have opened a portal through creativity and movement.  Up until one year ago, I was not able to notice these things, but I now feel part of something bigger.  I feel part of the great spirit that surrounds us.  It takes a bit of risk, of surrender, before we can open ourselves enough to the possibility of an energy larger than our small bodies.  No matter where you are on your journey, may you know that you are never alone.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Shake hands with fear

The fears living within our body are only seeking to reach the light and be set free.  They mean no harm.  But we become physically upset when fear arises, and in the uncomfortableness we send fear back down from where it came.  We can help our fears emerge and prevent them front holding us back, by shaking hands with them.

Centre yourself and find a safe space in your mind.  Invite fear to join you there.  Imagine the fear as a physical being.  Perhaps a small child crying to be heard, an old man, a wolf…let your fear decide what it wants to be.  Ask the fear what it is afraid of.  Listen to its story.  Once your fear has shared, let it know that you care for it and offer a hug or handshake.  Thank the fear for showing itself.

Enjoy a fearless day.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Visit your happy place

Creating positive images your mind can transport us in a way that feels like a mini vacation.  Picturing natural spaces can centre us and help us breathe.  These images can be called upon before starting work each day, at lunch hour, or before starting your evening activities.

Recall your childhood,  Was there a special place you would go?  Perhaps on travels with the family or right out your backyard.  It can be anywhere.  Was there a holiday where you could sense the healing powers of nature all around you?  It can even be a made up place, but it's more powerful if you have been there.

Allow your body to sense the sounds, the smells, the calming presence of the scene.  Look for a photograph or create an illustration of this sacred spot and place it where you need it.  Let the image centre you, excite you, calm you or reset your attitude for the day.

Happy exploring.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The pen is mightier than the sword

We know words have power.  So why is that we often try to force what we want out of life by running about in an attempt to change, only to see old patterns repeating themselves?

Write it out.  Place your goals on paper on in your computer and use their contents to meditate on or think about, daily, if you can.  Make sure the goal is written in the present tense, and it's best if you can make them around a feeling "I am fulfilled and full of gratitude"or "I feel successful and valuable at work".  Have fun with your goals - create a collage or place them in a special box or fun folder name.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Take a few moments to check in with yourself.  How are you feeling today?

Throughout the day, spend time searching for external symbols that match your mood.  If you are resilient, a willow bending in the wind may trigger you.  If you are overworked, an ant carrying a heavy load may speak to you.  A cloud shaped like in rabbit might connect with your feelings of possibility or energy.  What we feel inside creates an impact on the world around us.  Just the same, the world you find yourself in can alter how you feel inside.  For one moment, find the connection between inside and out.

I witnessed a Canadian military bus today.  It reminded me of how strong I can be, waiting for my love when he was overseas in a war zone.  It also reminded me of inspiration.  Those men and women getting ready to sacrifice all or part of their life to build toward more peaceful resolution, they are looking forward to their duties, as I look forward to my own.  I am hopeful that I am part of something positive and rewarding.  But the only way I can fight in the battle is if I am taking care of myself first - so many analogies in one image!!

I would love to hear your stories of connection....

Monday, 16 April 2012


Everybody has a story and almost every story has knowledge we can acquire for our own journey.  Have you ever sat down with a stranger and realized they had a similar path to yours?  Have you spoken with a family member and discovered something new about yourself?

You may not need to look to far for these stories.  A biography of someone you admire, an online video or blog post, a good talk with a co-worker are all ways we can explore the stories that surround us.

Can you recall a story that transformed the way you think of yourself, or the world?

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Finding light in the darkness

What must happen within the spirit of the plant as it lays beneath the ground in the warming soil of spring?  As it sits, enveloped by darkness, does it know of the sun and open air that await its presence?  Does it already know of the beautiful flowers that it may one day grow?  Perhaps the plant simply works within the dark, focused on finding nutrients and water to care for it as it lives out its days beneath the surface.

When you feel surrounded by the unknown, unsure of who to become or where to go, just breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide.  The plant will do the opposite, and both beings will continue their journey to the light.  The light will only come when we surrender and hold strong to faith that we are growing in the right direction.

Has there been a time when you think you may have reached the surface, only to have a frost fall upon you or soil tossed on you once again?  What did you witness up in the light?

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Love what you have challenge

We spend a lot of our time and hard-earned money seeking out new ways to improve our life.  In magazines we discover ways to better our body, in new clothes we yearn for the new confidence they may bring, in oils and lotions we hope for a more attractive exterior.

What if for one day, one week or one month we decide to take on a "love what you have" challenge.  Each time you feel the urge to purchase a new book, new top, or new toy ask yourself if you already have an item in your life that could give you what this item might.

In embracing what we are already blessed to have, we may recognize a life that is perfect, complete and full of love just as it is.  How amazing is that?

Have you ever attempted a similar challenge?  How did you feel?

Friday, 13 April 2012

Cleansing rain

We often think of rain as dreary or perhaps sad.  Rain is quite the opposite.  It give us a chance for inner reflection, it asks us to slow down and take our time.  The rain attempts to wash away the layers of ourselves that are no longer serving us and gives them a pathway into the ground as food for the hungry soil.  Rain clarifies who we are and who we wish to be when the sun finally shines again.  Perhaps the rain makes us feel down because we are experiencing a small death.  The death of a layer of ourselves that we were once tied to.  We can let go of these layers with gratitude if we really feel it.

Take advantage of rainy days.  Write in your journal, try colouring pictures with small children, put on good music and dance indoors, or phone a good friend.  Use these "rainflection" days to open yourself more fully.

Thursday, 12 April 2012


A frozen waterfall stands before me
I swing my wrist, digging solidly into its base

I kick my crampons in step by step
I am held by the ice

I crawl slowly upward, cautiously, with purpose
My harness reminds me  am safe

Water from the warming ice trickles onto my glove
I am part of the ice, I am the water

My muscles shake and my breath quickens
The top is in sight

The sun reminds me I am not alone

At the top, my distance is dizzying
I sound the call, I am ready to return to Earth

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Space breeds expansion

Some of the most amazing miracles on this planet involve creation of space.  Breaking down our wastes into soil would not be possible without space between solid particles.  Waste, air and nutrients are free to move.  A mother's tummy grows to create space for her protected babe.  A robin singing her morning song somehow creates a far reaching song using her own tiny body.

We can create space in our lives in many ways.  Dedicate an hour a day to perform activities you desire.  Take a holiday, sing using your whole body, write out your thoughts, or connect with nature.  By doing these things you will confront the edge of your being and slowly expand the edges, breaking up what might be stuck and inviting in a little more light.

What ways do you attempt expansion?
How do you feel when you create this space?

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Celebrate unanswered prayers

Fate is extremely powerful.  We often feel helpless against its pull when there is something we yearn for that does not come to fruition.  A love. A promotion at work.  A vacation.  Good health for a loved one.  We are devastated when our prayers appear to be unanswered.  Anger, frustration, grief and stress fill our bodies with an uncesessary toxic soup.  Think of the last time you truly wished for something only to have that wish float away out of reach.  Think of a possible reason fate may have ignored your plea.  Is there a leson to be learned?  A better option that awaits?  Try to venture into the positive realm and you may find the answer.  It might even help to uncloak your feelings of loss.  Next time you pray or wish on a star, add the clause "If it is in the greatest good".  Fate and your spirit will appreciate this.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Shed your cloak of guilt

Guilt does not occur in the natural world.  Worms do not feel guilt for not recycling enough soil.  Squirrels do not feel regret for not collecting their quota of nuts.  Bees bounce from flower to flower without guilt for missing out on an additional flower patch.

We plaster our lives with an unnecessary layer of guilt that does not serve us.  This feeling has been passed down through generations, perhaps to help manage laws or to abide by biblical teachings.  But we sew the feeling into the fabric of our being, dragging its negativity wherever we go like a safety blanket.  Notice the rising of each guilty feeling and ask yourself, "Is this serving me in a positive way?".  Most likely it is not.

Imagine how peaceful our lives could become if we attempted to quiet the voice of guilt.  Play with our kids without thinking of work.  Watch the trees sway without feeling the need to be anywhere else.  Listen to a friend without wondering what time it is.  Find ways to live free from guilt.  Try to not just survive, but to thrive.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Save yourself to save the world

We all have dreams we wish to accomplish.  Perhaps it is to be the best parent in the world, or to achieve success in our careers or even to save lives.  But we cannot reach these goals unless we take care of ourselves first.

 We need to nourish our bodies, raise our spirits and manage our stresses if we are to achieve success in our endeavours.  If you are working on a large goal such as finishing school or raising a child, remember every day to perform some act of kindness for yourself.  It may be to move your body in a fitness class or quiet your mind with meditation or to try a new healthy meal.  We cannot fuel our external fires if we leave our personal fires to burn out.

Treat yourself with gentleness.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Love is in the air

The wind dances through the leaves
I stop to watch the tree tops sway

I am safe
I am accepted just as I am

A butterfly lands upon my foot
Unaware of the stored danger in my body

It is safe
I accept the butterfly just as it is

My hands reach down to touch the damp earth
So much life moving below me
Hidden, unseen

I picture the soil's dance and I can see it all
Accepting the Earth as she is

I walk over to a still lake
And see myself reflected in its shore

I am love
I accept myself just as I am

Friday, 6 April 2012

Choose your words

Several studies were done on frozen water crystals that had been subjected to certain words, music and even photographs when in their liquid form.  Water exposed to the word "beautiful" looked like an intricate image from a kaleidoscope while water exposed to the word "demon" portrayed the image of a dark, ghoulish face.  The word "power" displayed a crystal with thousands of different patterns, a showcase of the potential this word can wield.  When water heard the words "bad luck" a weak crystal was formed, lacking any real structure, however, the word "lucky" created crystals with fine tips and shard edges like a raw diamond.  The photo of the crystal above was placed upon a photograph of dolphins.

Our bodies are mostly water.  If this magical fluid can respond so easily to sounds and images, imagine what happens in our body when we say "stupid" or "useless" or "ugly".  Do the water molecules inside our cells react?  Maybe.  So why not focus on "love", "perfect" and "acceptance"?  They may alter your being with very little effort.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Back from black

In the darkness we find our true light.  Our strength.  Our beauty.

Deep within the Earth, below the ever changing humus.

We find ourselves.  We find each other.

And each of us is destined to crawl back from black.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Discover your brain's potential

Our mind has evolved to be an extremely complex entity.  We can pass down information to future generations, we can learn languages from other cultures, we can plan for long-term future events and we can create processes and structures that help make our lives as comfortable as possible.

But how often do we utilize both our right hemisphere brain and our left hemisphere brain?  Some of us spend more time in one or the other, when sometimes a little exploration is in order.  The right brain is our creative side.  It's filled with energy and patterns and pictures.  It tells us we are whole and perfect as we are because we are connected to all energies on Earth.  The left brain helps us understand past event and predicts future possibilities.  It discovers all the details and facts about where we are in the moment - sights, smells, touch and sound.  The right brain is our language centre, it is where all our brain chatter occurs such as "Pick up the milk", "turn right here" and "the burner is hot".  The right brain can also separate us from our surroundings, causing us to think of ourselves as individuals, apart from the whole.

Spend some time today venturing into the side of the brain you rarely use.  If you are left brained, try some creative writing, read a fantasy novel, sing or meditate.  If you are right brained, attempt a crossword puzzle, write down some future plans for yourself, or discuss the implications of a past event with loved ones.

Enjoy the journey.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Let it flow

There is a fine layer on this planet where sky and earth meet.  We are part of that layer.  If you can find a tree to look at, observe how its branches reach into the air, groping to touch the suns rays.  Imagine the carbon dioxide being filtered through to become fresh oxygen for us to breathe.  Picture moisture from the air working its way through to the plant's roots where long extensions of nutrient collecting roots spread through the rough earth, creating space for millions of tiny bacteria.

Now observe your own body.  A direct connection between light and dark, future and past, space and life.  We bring in water, xygen and nutrients and our bodies filter our wastes for the planet to recycle.  Amazing.

There is is so much energy in this transition zone of sky and earth.  The best way to let energy flow is to ground your feet down into the ground, slightly tuck your tailbone, roll your shoulders down and back and lift your head as though a string is pulling it towards the sun.  Simple but true.  Just flow.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Vocal nutrition for your thoughts

In order for our thoughts to grow into the best version of themselves, they need space and appreciation of their value.  Simply planting the seed in your mind is only the first step.  If the seed stays in inside, it may not have a chance to sprout.  Take your thought and share it with a friend, a willing stranger, a therapist or a family member.  You may be thinking of a change in career, a challenge in a relationship or an idea for a new project.  By giving voice to your thoughts you allow them space to grow deep roots and find an appropriate place to take hold.  Each time you repeat the thought, a new idea may emerge that could alter the path of your future.  By tilling the details through our cognitive brain you cultivate a new understanding and permamntly change the thought in your mind.

Happy thought gardening!

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Enjoy being whole and perfect as you are.

Perhaps the greatest challenge, once fully awake, is to simply witness our being rather than forcing ourselves to be something different, or better.  To drop all reaching and simply open like a clam waiting in the deep until life in all its guises floods through the half-closed centre that is us.

Then light, or spirit, or God can enter us like a brilliant stone falling in a lake.  Allowing the past to ripple behind us and the future ripple before us, and in that space we are breathing in eternity.

You are whole.  You are complete.  You are eternal.