Sunday, 29 April 2012

Immortal youth

Spending time with children allows us to re-live our innocence,  wonder and delight.  As adults, we rarely exclaim "I want to push the button!", nor do we cheer "All done!"  when a meal is finished.  When we walk we are often on a mission, forgetting to follow the pattern of the tiles below our feet.  When we sit in a park, we forget to twirl into a dizzy heap.  If you can today, go somewhere where you can observe children at play.  Let their freedom and laughter inspire you to re-visit the youth that still lives inside you.

Play on.


  1. This is an important part of what a spiritual awakening is for me---becoming alive. Having moments of spontaneous joy is preferred to living by fearful control. A greater awareness to life, and nature---and the beauty they both bring---is a critical component of enjoying a spiritual awakening, I believe.

    And if I'm not clear, this means living with a joyful passion, not tainted by the need to control, nor the feelings of fear, worry or resentment. Embracing life is hard to do if we simply live within our heads, and are not connected to our heart and the sensations of our body.

  2. : ) all the little princes and princesses exploring the world! Little sunshines!

  3. I spent the weekend visiting my neice and nephew so I think I read this at the perfect time :-)