Thursday, 19 April 2012

Visit your happy place

Creating positive images your mind can transport us in a way that feels like a mini vacation.  Picturing natural spaces can centre us and help us breathe.  These images can be called upon before starting work each day, at lunch hour, or before starting your evening activities.

Recall your childhood,  Was there a special place you would go?  Perhaps on travels with the family or right out your backyard.  It can be anywhere.  Was there a holiday where you could sense the healing powers of nature all around you?  It can even be a made up place, but it's more powerful if you have been there.

Allow your body to sense the sounds, the smells, the calming presence of the scene.  Look for a photograph or create an illustration of this sacred spot and place it where you need it.  Let the image centre you, excite you, calm you or reset your attitude for the day.

Happy exploring.


  1. I think my happy place resides on my memory of Christmas time as a child...when everyone on both sides of my family would cram into mamamw's hours...nothing but laugh and love in the air :-)

    1. Call me up if you are having a family reunion - sounds like fun!!