Thursday, 12 April 2012


A frozen waterfall stands before me
I swing my wrist, digging solidly into its base

I kick my crampons in step by step
I am held by the ice

I crawl slowly upward, cautiously, with purpose
My harness reminds me  am safe

Water from the warming ice trickles onto my glove
I am part of the ice, I am the water

My muscles shake and my breath quickens
The top is in sight

The sun reminds me I am not alone

At the top, my distance is dizzying
I sound the call, I am ready to return to Earth


  1. A poem!! Many possible interpretations here. Let's this perhaps a poem written from the perspective of a drop of water traveling down an icecycle? Or perhaps a poem written from the perspective of a person who is ice climbing? Or perhaps even a poem written with many metaphors describing a person who is traveling toward "the light" whilst dying? These were the first three interpretation that entered my mind while reading this. That's what makes poetry so wonderful - so many different interpretations! Great work Vanessa :)

    1. It was written about the intimacy between the ice climber and the structure they are climbing, but the reaching for the light idea is an amazing observation. I like it!

  2. Spring... I hear the spring! Familiar awakening into life / return to Earth! :)


  3. Yes! The melting ice and snow filled with so many possibilities underneath. The re-birth of the planet once again. Hooray!!