Monday, 16 December 2013

Respect your limits

We love to help others. It gives us purpose and passion and an appreciation for all the blessings in our life. But when does a helping hand become too much, throwing you off-balance while you try to find your footing? Like we learn during any in-flight safety announcement, make sure you have received enough oxygen before you pass the mask to another. Pay attention to friends and family encouraging you to take some breaks from your giving practices so that you can recharge. Negative energies can stick when we are not careful of them and nobody, nobody needs more negativity in their life. Be cautious and if you need some time to be selfish, take it. There's is no shame in self care.

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Be our chef

Food unites cultures and families and can be pivotal on a first date. But we can become careless with food if we are not aware of its impact on our spirit. Mostly, our meals can become an afterthought during our busy days. What shall I take out to thaw? Oh, maybe we could have pizza again? I think I will just eat some cereal for supper and call it a day. Stop. Breathe. Food connects to our soul in ways even science cannot explain. Make a plan to share a meal with someone tomorrow. Create a list and pick up the ingredients, be conscious that the items will mix together to create something delicious very soon. Buy a dessert while you are at it!! Choose a favourite tablecloth and use the fancy dinner set. Dress in a catching but comfortable outfit. Tomorrow you will celebrate life, friendship and Mother Nature's amazing gifts on your table. Give thanks, say a quick cheers and enjoy the feast-ivities!

Saturday, 14 December 2013

This chore is fun!

What kind of activities do we categorize as "chores"? Cleaning the bathrooms, cutting vegetables for supper, shovelling the walks? Ok, maybe not everyone shovels snow! We take these tasks that we rarely have the urge to perform and we toss them into a section called "chores". But chores can be a meditative opportunity. We can feel the soap bubbles on our fingers when washing dishes, we can smell the vinegar when we wipe down a counter, we can massage our pet as we give them a bath. Next time you have a chore coming up on your to-do list ask yourself, "how can I bring fun into this chore? How will I make it memorable and enjoyable?" This may seem impossible but try to come up with a list of things like playing your new favourite songs while you work, or asking a friend to help or creating an ice cream dessert ready for you when you are done your more difficult tasks. Life is too short to not enjoy it to the fullest. Even chores. I have been away in the ups and downs of life. The holidays can do that. I hope to be back at least for the next little while. How are you???

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Dance party

In all cultures around the world, dance is a sacred, celebratory practice that is almost a prayer in a way. It's letting go of worries, it's embracing beauty and movement and music. Go through the library or your personal record collection and choose a few gems to practice your dance skills with. Maybe it's a country two-step or a latin salsa. African and Polynesian are my favourites and mostly I just like to move to the rhythm and feel the beat. Sing along if you know the words - get silly! No one is watching. I promise. If they are, they are most likely jealous of your carefree attitude. Dance the night away.