Thursday, 18 April 2013

Drive by

A short visit from a friend could perk up any afternoon. A smile, a warm embrace and the reminder that our days are about more than our routines is a recipe for a great day no matter how mundane. Try retuning the favour.  Stop by a friend's workplace or home and pop in just to say a quick "hello".  It doesn't have to be long, a few minutes is all you need to wish your friend a good day and let them know you think of them. Do you practice regular drive by's? Sorry, that's just what I call them, you can call them pop in's if you prefer. Any stories of a particular visit that lifted you up?

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Dog gone it that's a good walk

One of the best ways to lift your spirits is a brisk walk.  For some reason taking a walk with a dog enhances the experience as we know we are making this creature happy simply by using our two feet to help them burn off some energy.  I don't actually have a dog so I call up my friend to join him and his four legged friend for a stroll through our neighbourhood.  These walks can take up to 40 minutes.  Heart rate is pumping along, I feel calmer and stronger than I did before I left the house.  The fresh air leaves me feeling satisfied and letting the sun kiss my face keeps me glowing inside. How do you find dog walks benefit you?

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Light the shade

Creating an ambience is a simple act with far reaching impacts. Light a candle for dinner, for the bath or just during the day while reading a book.  Remember back to those times of connecting in a dark restaurant with candles lit all around. Remember how those moments made you feel so intimate, so close. When is the last time you lit a candle?

Friday, 5 April 2013

Sleep it off

We often think of rest as unproductive, but when fighting off an illness or just an overall low vibe, climb into bed and relax under the covers.  A quick snooze could rev you up for the rest of the day.  Look at dogs and cats, they never feel lazy for taking all their naps and we don't look at them with disgust.  Don't feel bad if you need to lay your head down.  It doesn't mean you are old or weak, just human.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Liquid comfort

Not all liquids are created equal. It is important to care for our body by choosing a liquid that will not only quench our thirst but soothe our soul.  With every sip the potion flows through our bodies enveloping us with a smile. What special liquid will you chose to treat yourself with today?  Water infused with fruit or flowers, mint lemonade, a nice herbal tea perhaps? Choose wisely and see how your body changes after connecting with the sweet nectar.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Close calls

Sometimes our mind may spiral into a place of fear and pain.  Once we feel ourselves falling we believe we may hit bottom but you can always pull the chute. You may simply need to turn on an entertaining tv show and let the fears dissolve back into the background.  You may phone a friend to go for a quick coffee to set your mind straight again.  You may simply need a nap.  Record what works for you so that if the darkness ever attempts to creep in you will be standing guard and ready for a fight.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Road trip

Adventure awaits. You never know what might happen when you hit the highway and head off to explore another town.  Plan ahead or jump in your car and go.  Say hi to relatives, eat a good meal with friends or travel solo and enjoy the company of strangers.  Sometimes the best way to see life is by travelling away from it for awhile.  Where was the last road trip you took?