Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Monday, 30 July 2012

Play day

Have you ever wondered how you could make a day of work more exciting?  Perhaps you can add a splash of creativity or fun into your day by designing little games to play by yourself or with others.  Friends of mine have friday dance parties at work complete with musical instruments and silliness.  Book yourself some quiet space to reflect on past projects and consider ones for the future.  Can you decorate your work space with items that ignite the spirit and concentrate the mind to focus on tasks at hand? See what you can do to spice up your day.

Any suggestions?

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Slow down

sometimes we need to do the opposite of what we feel. sometimes we feel a strong urge to relax in front of the tv, when perhaps a nice walk would be more satisfying. sometimes we feel the need to pile tasks on our to-do list, when really we need to sit and talk with loved ones instead. Try to take on everything in moderation and always remember to think with your heart before your mind. Namaste, meaning that "the light in me sees the light in you."

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Trust in others

Sometimes the best way to see our own reflection is through the views of others.  Our own reflection of ourselves could be altered by super negative or super positive beliefs about our true essence.  If we listen to the songs being sung around us, we might be able to tweak ourselves back in tune with the now.

Whose thoughts do you trust most in this world?

Friday, 27 July 2012

Be the Northern Lights

Dancing through the sky in a blend of cool colours is the aurora borealis.  Majestically it takes us to a place of spirit and centredness and asks us the question, what is the power of gases, of air?  Air is life, it breathes upon us the energy of the universe and we breathe out any toxins that have been filtered through our system.  When your life feels bottled or constricted, picture the Northern lights in your mind and re-mind yourself, to breathe.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Dance therapy

When in doubt, dance it out.  When your spirit is in your feet, dance it up.  When your mind is wandering, dance it in.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Our mind wanders off to many places during the day and it can often be difficult to concentrate on one task.  How often do we lose track of keys or take the wrong turn?  Centering the mind to focus on each task like a marksman aiming at a target is the challenge. How can we place our essence into such a narrow passage?  Practice make perfect.

What tricks do you use to help you to stay focused?

Sunday, 22 July 2012

The sweet spot

Our past had ended.  It is dark and rich, composted into Earth's humous to lay a foundation for future growth.  We can dig into the past when we need to, but if we stay in the darkness, we will be swallowed whole.

Our future is in the light.  It is endless imagination, pregnant with possibility. If we dance into this space  too far, we risk being consumed by the power of the sun's rays and the expansive, endless sky.

Let us be here. Now.  In the place where light embraces the dark in a sensual balance of old and new, death and birth, yin and yang.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Hope floats

Struggling in the waters of life, we barely keep afloat. We fight and claw to remain at the surface, exhausting all of our energy.  But when we choose to relax each of our muscles and surrender to the liquid around us, we hover weightlessly, perfectly.  If there is a struggle you are experiencing, consider ways that you could close your eyes, lean back and let go.


Rippling water on the shoreline.  Beauty.
Clouds shifting patterns across a blue sky.  Beauty.
Graceful wings of a flying seagull.  Beauty.
Tiny children playing freely in the sand.  Beauty.
Me.  Beauty.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Creating space

There is only so much room in our head, yet many thoughts swirl around and can make us dizzy if we are not careful.  We have a choice of which thoughts to grant space to.  We can either choose negative thoughts such as "Everyone is smarter than me" or "I look fat in this outfit" or we can fill the space of our mind with more pleasing thoughts like "I am a good person" or "I am wearing nice shoes today".  The positive thoughts have the potential to guide us into bliss whereas the darker thoughts could lead us into pain.   What will you choose today?  You can borrow my new mantra "There's less room for hate, more room to create".

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

baby steps

Setting small, manageable goals is key to helping us reach larger milestones in our life.  The smaller and more detailed the action, the greater the chance that we might achieve it.  On the route to happiness we could choose to maybe smile at three people a day and reward ourselves with an extra smile when that is accomplished.  Another goal might be to move for 30 minutes a day.  We may surpass this goal, but there is great willpower and positive thoughts that may come if our small tasks are completed.  Set a goal for yourself today.  Where will it take you?

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

A kiss from nature

Watching bumblebees can be a soothing activity. The flower opens itself to welcome the bee's dance in its petals, and just by being itself, the bee gives a gift to the flower by pollinating it.  The bee does not attack the flower for its pollen, nor does the flower hide from the bee's presence.  They care for one another in an intimate way.  We can honour one another by giving what we can and by taking only what we need.  Perhaps the gift is advice, a compliment, a hug.  Perhaps we take advice, a compliment, a hug. Nature displays this balance so well. Let us learn from her.

See yourself through another's eyes

Sometimes we cannot trust our own reflection.  When self-doubt or insecurities exist, we view an altered version of ourself that is clouded in judgement.  People outside of oursevles can view us in a different light.  They see our potential, our beauty, our strengths.  They see the things we sometime cannot.  If we cannot trust in our own view, try to adopt the view of another and attempt to imagine all your gifts, exposed and real and true.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Imagine if

We may look ahead to a place we dream of being, but what if we could transport that moment to right now?  Perhaps we dream of having more money, or finding happiness.  Sit back and visualize what that moment feels like.  Place a smile upon your face and know that whatever challenge lies ahead of you, you have succeeded.  What does that place feel like?  Does it make your shoulders stand taller, your heart feel lighter? Live in this space as if the moments are happening right in front of you.  For just a short while, we can really feel as though our dreams have come true.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Garden growth

Gripped hands pluck unwanted stems from the ground.
A hole rests where life once grew.
The landscape is dotted with misplaced plants.
They grow in and around existing foliage.
The labour seems endless,
but all that really exists is this one motion, this one pull, this one moment.
One weed down, 347 to go.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Help up

Sometimes the best way to lift ourselves up is to lend a helping hand to others.  In this act we give service and we honour the gifts we have.  This can be as simple as calling a friend who is down and lending them an ear, or it can be more creative such as playing an instrument at an old folks home.  The act of giving is clustered with rewards that lift us up and remind us that there is good in the world, and we are part of it.

How have you helped someone recently?

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Voice of an angel

Do you ever start a conversation with someone and wonder if maybe, just maybe, there is a heavenly presence entering the space you share?  Entering this special moment when you feel just a little bit different, a little more complete?  The words spoken ignite something within you and you know in that moment, you will never be the same.  I feel this when someone goes deep and shares their story with me.  When someone reveals a truth about their life story that most people wouldn't get to hear.  I feel honoured and humbled and alive in those moments.

When was the last time an angel spoke to you?

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Building steps to cross the bridge

Our life is defined and directed by the small decisions we make.  What to eat for supper, who to spend our evening with, and what thoughts to entertain in our head all help to adjust our sail so that we travel in the right direction.  Sometimes we make a choice that leads us away from the edge, a temporary relief.  But what action might help us to build steps to cross the bridge? Sometimes this is known as the hard road, but it does not need to feel hard.  We can rejoice in the effort, knowing that our decision is leading us somewhere great.  Each small step helps to build a bridge over our fear, grief or sadness.  Today, when given a choice to find instant relief or spend time building a step, choose the step and reward yourself for putting your long-term interests first.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Just people watching

There is something calming about watching people moving through their day.  Smiles, mannerisms and lives so different from our own stir our imagination and leave us in a state of wonder.  So many of us find ourselves in a blissful drift when given the chance to sit back in a crowd and observe the human world around us.  Children are especially interesting to watch.  Flicks of energy seem to fly off their small bodies and reach toward us as they play and create and explore.

Where is your favourite place to people watch?

Friday, 6 July 2012

Push through the pain

Labour.  It is hard work.  But somehow we push through, knowing that we may birth something glorious if we can just fight past the pain.  One side calls to us to take a break, to leave the source of fear and hurt, the other side asks us to bear down and seize the moment. Who do we listen to? Lately I have been listening to the side that asks me to run and hide. I envelope myself in the arms of safety, of temporary freedom.  But today I chose to push through and I feel so strong for it.

What have you done recently to make it through a tough challenge?

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Let it sink in

What was the last compliment you heard?  Perhaps someone noticed your new shirt or your input at work was acknowledged.  Recall this compliment once again and let it truly sink in and take root. Repeat the words several times to yourself.  We all too often hear a compliment but then rarely do we listen to the sweet words and take them fully inside.  We quickly say "thanks" on an exhale, without remembering to fully inhale the kind message being gifted our way. You deserve that compliment.  Accept it in a way that matters.  Embrace it.