Saturday, 13 September 2014

Space to breathe

If you are like me you like to help others find happiness and avoid pain. But this rescuer action is not always as effective as we want it to be. We want a quick fix, a bandaid to stop the bleeding. But why not give the gift of space? Maybe this means a safe ear to listen to their fears, or it means sitting in silence and just holding hands for awhile, and maybe, just maybe they want time to fix their own hurt away from the influence of others. Offering healthy food, someone to clean their house for them, and a chance at a neighbourhood walk with a support can be the light needed for them to open their eyes towards hope. Suffocating may seem helpful but can snuff out the fires of emotion that need to burn off so the body and mind are a less toxic place to be. Giving loved ones a chance to inhale and exhale while knowing they are loved deeply and unconditionally is a chance for them to step in a direction toward the healing light and away from the stagnant darkness. Just breathe and encourage them to breathe as well.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Walk into wonder

Autumn is the perfect time for a walk with the sweet odour of decomposing leaves, the crisp call of birds through exposed branches and the low sun filtering through to light your grateful face. Let your fingers brush past shrubs and tree branches, playing with the soft leaves that still remain before their final drop to the leaf litter below. Say a sweet hello with an inviting smile upon your face as other walkers cross your path. You can even do a walking meditation if this is in your practice. Choose a destination at least a few kilometres away where you can really get into a walking rhythm. Any changes in elevation are an added bonus because your breath becomes audible and you begin to notice the now's as you inhale and exhale into the fresh fall air. Feel your feet plant firmly on Earth and know that you will make it through this winter…one step at a time.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Release and recover

Our emotional body was not designed to hold in grief, worry and negative self-talk. We need to release these dark and often harmful thoughts. We expel toxins from our physical bodies every day. We exhale carbon dioxide, we sweat and we visit the bathroom several times a day. But how often do we flush our emotional body? Maybe when you come home and see your dog waiting for you? Maybe when you hug a loved one? But what about a big release, when could you take time to honour this need? In my weekly yoga session, our teacher would say "whatever you did this week, you did ENOUGH". I would weep each time in response to this pressure release in my heart. We can discharge grief when we reach a state of ecstasy and security with our self or with a loved one. Dance is a fantastic release or any fitness really. Singing and musical vibration can expand the soul. Writing as many of you can attest to, is a powerful exhale of the mind. Crying is….amazing. Soldiers cry, cops cry, and so can you! My favourite release is in meditation. I take all the heavy weight from my shoulders and place it into a beautiful urn for safe keeping while I walk away with freedom and and expansive spirit. True story. How do you release from pain?

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Sun shine

The yellow sun gave Superman his other-worldly powers and fuelled him up to save the world another day. The sun is also a fuel centre for Earth. Water evaporates and separates into a fine mist that re-enters the atmosphere to provide moisture to the thirsty planet. Plants grow in the sun's rays and create oxygen for the wild ones to inhale safely. Food only grows with the power of our glorious star, creating diversity of species throughout every eco region. Temperatures warm enough to help creatures search for food and find shelter and keep their bodies from reaching hypothermic conditions. But what about us, do we need sun? Are we connected to this light just like the rest of the planet? Heck yes. As emotional beings, the sun also helps us to break through depressive symptoms and relaxes us following stressful events. Make a plan to honour the sun this week. Pick a day when you will watch the sun rise or the sun set. While your witness the miraculous colours and change in temperature, give thanks to this universal energy centre. Have you given gratitude lately for the light in your life?

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Proactive pondering

We are always told to live in the moment and experience what is happening for us in the now. But is there value in future planning to make sure we are set on the right path? Our future is created from our now's and if we don't point our sail in the ideal location we may get distracted and end up in a less than ideal scenario. Monday mornings at work are my proactive time. I plan out what I want to accomplish in the week and figure out how I might achieve this goal or if I need to adjust my expectations. I write down my goals in my task book and I highlight my top tasks to target my efforts to on my whiteboard. The whiteboard is also a public commitment. I aim to work on these goals and if I am distracted from that my co-workers might notice I am not on task. It is a bit intense but I know my weaknesses and laying down a set but flexible plan for my week gives me confidence, feedback, satisfaction, direction and a bit of peace knowing I am in the right place. How do you future plan?

The truth hurts

Tricky, but well needed post. Read with caution. Being real with friends an family is a present. Their intentions are always well meaning but our ego bruises when helpful but painfully real words scrape the surface. But each time our heart feels hurt know that the intent was kindness. The driver of those words came from love. Accept real and be real with friends and family. Relationships cannot grow in a safe vacuum of candy-coated non truths that are used for protection as opposed to expansion of a connection with another. Some friendships do well in silence and if that is your practice, keep it and learn how to use its benefits to enrich relationships with others. Accept your loved ones as is but know that anger or concern can fester if it not given air to breathe. Use caution and tread lightly but with care and well meaning emotions your message might be communicated in an effective way. Do you have something you need to get off your chest but are not sure how to approach it?