Wednesday, 28 May 2014


Appreciation, we yearn for it and sometimes even seek it out. Before you receive information that might heal your ego, try complimenting someone else first. Did someone at work go above and beyond in their job? Did a friend listen to your relationship problems without ever rolling their eyes? Did a performer inspire intense emotions within you? Take the time to write a thank you card or express your gratitude through other, more creative processes like bringing them a coffee or highlighting their skills to a supervisor. Giving, primes our pump for receiving when the opportunity presents itself. We might actually accept praise and gifts with grace and gratitude without feeling as though we are not deserving of such love. Have you ever received a kudos, or a pat on the back, at work or in your personal life? How did it feel?

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Neighbourly love

Humans used to travel in packs where we would help each other gather firewood and pick medicinal plants. But now we are independent as can be, on a mission to find happiness, pleasure and fulfillment. Connecting with other humans that walk this Earth is grounding, cultural and spiritual. Take some time this week to build a relationship with a soul or two near your home. Maybe a "hello" or an offer to mow their lawn or complimenting their flowerbeds. Every journey starts with a single step. I love my neighbourhood because our houses are all very close together and everyone sits on their porch in the sun and waves to each other. It brings me comfort, stillness and pride. Do you have any neighbours you appreciate??

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Love is the thing

Ask for romance. Do it. You are so worth the feelings of butterflies and sexual tension and full-on acceptance and appreciation that romantic gestures can bring. Man or woman, romance flatters us, builds our broken ego and spreads love into the universe. Sending out love ensures that at some point, that love will be directed back to us. Maybe it is a picnic in the park, or a dance in the rain, or an hour session of just breathing and looking into your partner's eyes. Romance connects with our lover and builds a relationship foundation that offers stability when the seas get rough. I once discovered a date night book with 101 romantic plans. You pull out an envelope and voila! Date night. Unfortunately, my partner was not as romantic as I am so I still have this unopened book. One day…so, what is the most romantic thing done for you? Or for your loved one?

Friday, 23 May 2014

Purge the toxic people

Some toxins come from things we ingest, expose ourselves to and even the stressful relationships we keep working at. Do you give, give, give to a friend and never feel cared for in return? This can lead to self-doubt and feelings of depression. You matter more. Take some time to go through your relationship list. Which connections need to be cultivated with effort and love and which ones need to be pulled out of our relationship garden? Take a close look, this is not a decision to make lightly. Perhaps a friend is going through a crisis and needs more attention, but maybe the drama just never ends and you're always sweeping up their broken pieces. We have to put ourselves first. It sounds selfish, but no, it is simply self care. You can't help someone else if you feel overwhelmed or unbalanced. Ground down and ask what each relationship brings you and find ones that take from you and perhaps alter your involvement in them. Have you had to let a friend or love one go in the past? Was it a good decision?

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Island time

Life often feels like a race with all our goals, dreams and hopes stumbling over one another in an effort to reach true ecstasy. In North America this appears to be more prevalent than in other countries surrounding the globe that I have experienced. We embody impatience and we fill our mind with should's and have to's. The responsibility carried on our shoulders could be a manageable load but not when we are attempting to run ahead of the pack. Why not chill, stay behind, just be? Think of island time. People living near the sea are skilled at stretching out the hours of their day. They may wander slowly through a market, grab a siesta in the shade or collect food for dinner from the garden. Slow. Easy. Peaceful. Shouldn't this be our goal rather than attempting to be a superhero and prove to other humans how amazing we are? Let the ego shrink, let the time grow. Cultivate happiness. How do you get slow?

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Unanswered prayers - Yes!!

Life has its twists and turns, its ups and downs, pain and beauty. But from a distance, the journey is a beautiful design that no one can take from us. Many times we find ourselves yearning for a scenario that we believe will connect with our true happiness and remove our roadblocks that we've had placed in our way. But maybe ploughing through isn't the best method to build a rich harvest. Maybe, just maybe, we must wait patiently and give thanks for the scraps we were given before the true feast becomes a reality. Wish you would have married that old boyfriend? What if your true prince is only a few years away from the singleton place you've found yourself in? What if not being able to have children means you can adopt sweet babies who need love that only you can create for them? Still taking the bus? Maybe fate had meant for you to crash your car, and by bussing it to work, you save your legs from being crushed. There are so many what ifs and hope-to's but there is serenity in acceptance and faith. Your path is winding in the right way, not to worry.

Monday, 19 May 2014

Less hate, more create

In times of trauma or unrest we may fill our mind with non-stop negative messages that trigger our moods and emotions to flow in a dark downward spiral. Often we fill our head so full of harmful thoughts that we leave no room for the positive ones. This can lead to depression and suicide if we are not watchful and if we forget to ask for help. So how to unwind the mind's eye to focus on a place of light and hope? Create something new. Something only you could create. Depending on who you are and your interests it might be a drawing, a poem, a collage, or even writing thoughtful messages in a card for a friend. By taking a moment to re-adjust the negative patterns of our brain we might find the space to breathe. If only for a short time. Thank you Mom for this post, and for everything you do for me.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Child's play

When did we stop being playful? When did silliness become taboo? We don't realize the benefits of letting go and following our imagination and moving our bodies in a way we feel inspired by. We all love the release of endorphins, we all love to laugh, so why not invest in our childlike side? I have noticed that some people have an easier time letting go when they are around children...but even in the presence of innocence we hang on to our "shoulds". I should be mature, I should be in control, I should work hard. Why not say "I should indulge in playful activities for the benefit of my mental health". Stock up on board games, balls, bubbles and stuffed animals. Indulge and celebrate your connection with your younger side. What do you to feel young?

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

You gotta kisss the girl

The ultimate new relationship moment has to be the first kiss. It determines where the relatioship will go and if the connection between two souls can actually ignite pleasureful emotions. We just might be the only species on Earth who kisses in the sensual way we do with our special partner. Maybe this is an evolutional behavious for us to stay in a family unit and not just create offspring and part ways like many animals do. Sight, touch, smell and taste all come together when tongues intertwine and perhaps a slight moan escapes from each happy party. Am I being too graphic? Hey! We need to celebrate our sexuality and affection rather than push it away as taboo or only for Newleyweds. Intimacy, intention, and intensity make kisses all that much more memorable. What was your first kiss with your partner like? Did you see stars, feel electricity pulsing thorugh you?

Monday, 12 May 2014

Push the limits

Sometimes in order to let go and give in to ecstasy means we have to break a few rules. We all want to be known as good people, but once in a while good people do bad things, naughty things even, and the world is better for it. Late night ice cream run, an extra glass of wine, a kiss on the first date. If it gives you goosebumps you must be doing something right. Playing with fire can keep us warm and remind us of our true boundaries. Getting burnt only happens to those who let go of their control and forget to ground their feet to the Earth. So use caution, use logic, but still push the envelope. Go on, test yourself. It's the only way to learn and grow. What naughty things have you been up to lately?

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Hope bubble

Life can be a scary place to maneuver. There are countless "what ifs" creeping into our brain telling us that the bad is to come. Will all these things come to fruition? Most likely not, but thinking about them almost makes them so. If you are afraid of flying, you will panic in the days leading up to your holiday instead of getting excited for the escape. When you meet a potential new partner you run through all the possibilities of it not working out forgetting to honour the butterflies in your stomach. Sit quietly today preferably in a place close to nature or an area that offers sanctuary for you. Imagine a a bubble surrounding your whole body, it can be as big or as compact as you like.Imagine a situation where you require a little extra hope. Picture what success would look like. Imagine your smile, your sense of relief, your satisfaction. Not to worry, you won't "jinx" it. Thinking positive, breeds positive. I'd like to know if this works for you….I've been trying it lately. Tough, and no quick results but I think it's the best option in the long term, ya know?

Friday, 2 May 2014

Live what is

Each day we are given certain amounts of energy, worry or anxiety and focus. Some days are easier than others and some days are really, really a test of our strength. Honour what is being given to you. It is all happening for a reason. Can't get out of bed today? Grab a movie and maybe ask a loved one to snuggle up as well. Have boundless energy and cannot fall asleep? Do those boring tasks you've been putting off. Sometimes it makes sense to act against the emotions and urges we are feeling but sometimes, it is ok to take the easy road and just accept what is. Rather than feel guilty for not behaving in our expected ways just know that this day is going to be a little different and have peace with that. This one will take practice, try baby steps.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Clutter bug

We have stuff. So much stuff and we are often confused as to what we will use our stuff for. Broken parts of an old clock, torn blue jeans, cassette tapes, it all adds up to clutter in our living and working spaces. This clutter is a constant reminder of all the things we have NOT done, despite our best intentions and the amount of hard work we put into each day doesn't leave us much left for cleaning. Grab yourself an egg timer or use your stove timer. Give yourself one hour. One hour to tackle that pile of unopened mail, clean up around the dog's dish, and toss out those old birthday cards. After you're done, write out all the mini or giant tasks you completed or started within that one hour. Post it up on your fridge as an "I did it - take that procrastination - in your face!" kind of kudos for yourself. This may be hard for some of you who have lists and lists worth of organizing projects around the house, but in one hour chunks, it may not seem so bad. What's the one bit of clutter you can't seem to clean?