Tuesday, 13 May 2014

You gotta kisss the girl

The ultimate new relationship moment has to be the first kiss. It determines where the relatioship will go and if the connection between two souls can actually ignite pleasureful emotions. We just might be the only species on Earth who kisses in the sensual way we do with our special partner. Maybe this is an evolutional behavious for us to stay in a family unit and not just create offspring and part ways like many animals do. Sight, touch, smell and taste all come together when tongues intertwine and perhaps a slight moan escapes from each happy party. Am I being too graphic? Hey! We need to celebrate our sexuality and affection rather than push it away as taboo or only for Newleyweds. Intimacy, intention, and intensity make kisses all that much more memorable. What was your first kiss with your partner like? Did you see stars, feel electricity pulsing thorugh you?

1 comment:

  1. Yes I firmly believe that the first kiss can say a whole lot. I'll never forget my first kiss with my fiancee at the airport. It was then that I "just knew"...