Saturday, 24 May 2014

Love is the thing

Ask for romance. Do it. You are so worth the feelings of butterflies and sexual tension and full-on acceptance and appreciation that romantic gestures can bring. Man or woman, romance flatters us, builds our broken ego and spreads love into the universe. Sending out love ensures that at some point, that love will be directed back to us. Maybe it is a picnic in the park, or a dance in the rain, or an hour session of just breathing and looking into your partner's eyes. Romance connects with our lover and builds a relationship foundation that offers stability when the seas get rough. I once discovered a date night book with 101 romantic plans. You pull out an envelope and voila! Date night. Unfortunately, my partner was not as romantic as I am so I still have this unopened book. One day…so, what is the most romantic thing done for you? Or for your loved one?

1 comment:

  1. I think the most romantic thing ever done for me is when Beate gave me a folder that had ever hand-written note and letter that she's written to me during the past six months. I look at that folder almost every night. And you are so right, romance deepens the connection with our partner in ways that few other things can.