Friday, 23 May 2014

Purge the toxic people

Some toxins come from things we ingest, expose ourselves to and even the stressful relationships we keep working at. Do you give, give, give to a friend and never feel cared for in return? This can lead to self-doubt and feelings of depression. You matter more. Take some time to go through your relationship list. Which connections need to be cultivated with effort and love and which ones need to be pulled out of our relationship garden? Take a close look, this is not a decision to make lightly. Perhaps a friend is going through a crisis and needs more attention, but maybe the drama just never ends and you're always sweeping up their broken pieces. We have to put ourselves first. It sounds selfish, but no, it is simply self care. You can't help someone else if you feel overwhelmed or unbalanced. Ground down and ask what each relationship brings you and find ones that take from you and perhaps alter your involvement in them. Have you had to let a friend or love one go in the past? Was it a good decision?

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  1. you and your beautiful insights... i read this to my sister and i think she was able to grasp what i have been trying to tell her for a long time but perhaps not as well has you have. xox