Wednesday, 28 May 2014


Appreciation, we yearn for it and sometimes even seek it out. Before you receive information that might heal your ego, try complimenting someone else first. Did someone at work go above and beyond in their job? Did a friend listen to your relationship problems without ever rolling their eyes? Did a performer inspire intense emotions within you? Take the time to write a thank you card or express your gratitude through other, more creative processes like bringing them a coffee or highlighting their skills to a supervisor. Giving, primes our pump for receiving when the opportunity presents itself. We might actually accept praise and gifts with grace and gratitude without feeling as though we are not deserving of such love. Have you ever received a kudos, or a pat on the back, at work or in your personal life? How did it feel?


  1. One thing I have learned in life is that we get as many good feelings from GIVING compliments as receiving them. Doesn't it feel well to make someone smile?? I find it one of the best feelings on earth.

  2. This is always very important to me - to let the people in my life, no matter if work colleagues or friends or family, know how much I appreciate them and what they're doing. It does feel amazing to see the smiles spreading on their faces. It's still difficult for me to take a compliment without blushing though. I need to be more convinced that I deserve those compliments, too.

  3. Vanessa,

    I get positive feedback, daily. I'm a blessed man. Being encouraged lifts my soul, puts a bounce in my step, a smile upon my heart.

    More importantly, I love encouraging others. I like providing support for the downtrodden and the not so downtrodden. Every single person is precious. My joy is letting them know their value, despite their low self-esteem or the difficulties they endure.

    Thanks for your post.

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