Thursday, 22 May 2014

Island time

Life often feels like a race with all our goals, dreams and hopes stumbling over one another in an effort to reach true ecstasy. In North America this appears to be more prevalent than in other countries surrounding the globe that I have experienced. We embody impatience and we fill our mind with should's and have to's. The responsibility carried on our shoulders could be a manageable load but not when we are attempting to run ahead of the pack. Why not chill, stay behind, just be? Think of island time. People living near the sea are skilled at stretching out the hours of their day. They may wander slowly through a market, grab a siesta in the shade or collect food for dinner from the garden. Slow. Easy. Peaceful. Shouldn't this be our goal rather than attempting to be a superhero and prove to other humans how amazing we are? Let the ego shrink, let the time grow. Cultivate happiness. How do you get slow?

1 comment:

  1. I agree that our culture, especially American culture, is too fast-paced. Everyone is always in a hurry. It's always go-go-go. Nobody takes time to slow down and appreciate life and the beauty everywhere. This is exactly why I like to go to the woods and get away from it all sometimes :)