Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Hope bubble

Life can be a scary place to maneuver. There are countless "what ifs" creeping into our brain telling us that the bad is to come. Will all these things come to fruition? Most likely not, but thinking about them almost makes them so. If you are afraid of flying, you will panic in the days leading up to your holiday instead of getting excited for the escape. When you meet a potential new partner you run through all the possibilities of it not working out forgetting to honour the butterflies in your stomach. Sit quietly today preferably in a place close to nature or an area that offers sanctuary for you. Imagine a a bubble surrounding your whole body, it can be as big or as compact as you like.Imagine a situation where you require a little extra hope. Picture what success would look like. Imagine your smile, your sense of relief, your satisfaction. Not to worry, you won't "jinx" it. Thinking positive, breeds positive. I'd like to know if this works for you….I've been trying it lately. Tough, and no quick results but I think it's the best option in the long term, ya know?

1 comment:

  1. We so often think of the negative "what ifs" rather than the positive ones. What if something goes wrong, we think. How about thinking what if something "goes right?"