Sunday, 18 May 2014

Child's play

When did we stop being playful? When did silliness become taboo? We don't realize the benefits of letting go and following our imagination and moving our bodies in a way we feel inspired by. We all love the release of endorphins, we all love to laugh, so why not invest in our childlike side? I have noticed that some people have an easier time letting go when they are around children...but even in the presence of innocence we hang on to our "shoulds". I should be mature, I should be in control, I should work hard. Why not say "I should indulge in playful activities for the benefit of my mental health". Stock up on board games, balls, bubbles and stuffed animals. Indulge and celebrate your connection with your younger side. What do you to feel young?

1 comment:

  1. Wow if it's wrong to be playful and silly then I'd be screwed!! I love being silly and letting my inner-child come out. YOLO!!