Thursday, 31 May 2012

Celebrate setbacks

Obstacles happen. We can choose to slam into them or weave around them and move on.  Our computer breaking down could be a chance for panic and frustration or may allow us to catch up on running errands or paperwork that has been put off.  Forgetting to pack a lunch may mean a nice trip to a new restaurant. Even stubbing a toe could offer celebration for actually having feeling in our legs and feet.  What setback did you experience that you were able to turn around into a positive?  Do you believe even setbacks happen for a reason?

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Scene change

Make a plan to change your daily scenery for a portion of your day.  You might realize something new and wonderful when you remove yourself from the habitual spaces you normally find yourself in.  Try a new coffee shop, move your laptop to a library or park, or sit in a diffferent seat on the bus.  What will you discover by adjusting the lense you view your daily life from?  Shake it up.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

At your service

Serving others can be extremely staisfying.  There is a feeling of having purpose, of being needed, and this feeling can go a long way towards our daily happiness.  How did you provide service to others today?  How did it feel?  Could you help someone tomorrow?  Build it into your plans.  Help a co-worker solve a problem, provide a shoulder for a friend to cry on, help a neighbour in their garden, give time to your favourite charity.  This list of possible service is endless.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Dress for success

The lion proudly bears his fluffy mane, the zebra embraces his constrasting stripes, and we can do the same.  Often we gravitate toward the most comfortable clothes without a thought of how we might present ourselves.  Putting together a sharp outfit can allow us to stand a little taller, and feel more pride in ourselves. This pride expands outwards and allows others to see us in a new light.   When planning your wardrobe, ask yourself how you can best present yourself with the clothes options you have.

Strut it out.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Word expansion

Learning a new language
Is uncomfortable

I cannot find familiarity in word association
Floating letters swirl past my eyes

But in the discomfort
I feel changed
I feel my mind stretching and expanding
To embrace the new thoughts
The birth of some new world

I greet the words and
Hold them close until
A connection is formed

Language becomes life

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Do what you can

We want to accomplish so many things.  We want to finish building that birdhouse, get ourselves to the market, sweat it out at the gym and make our families happy.  Some days we can accomplish it all, but many times we simply cannot.  Some days bring illness, fear, exhaustion or important priorities that attempt to run the show.  Know that these days need to run at a difference pace, we need to be sensitive to ourselves as our bodies are sending us messages.  Think of these times as software updates and we need to be gentle on ourselves as we re-boot for another day.

Be gentle.

Friday, 25 May 2012

Good enough

No matter where you are in your life or in your current journey, know that your are good enough as you are.  You are smart enough, kind enough, strong enough and quite attractive too!  We spend so much time reaching for our future selves or looking back to our past selves that we forget to appreciate the "us" we are right now. 

Imagine all your friends and family in your mind.  Picture each of them coming over, kneeling down to you and saying "you are enough", "you are good enough", "you have done enough".  If you already feel you are enough, try telling a friend that they are enough and see where that might take them.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Be the dream

What does your dream life look like?  Have you written it down? Have you played it out in your mind?  A helpful daily practice is to sit comfortably and imagine yourself living in this dream life for at least five to ten minutes.  Try not to imagine it as a movie scene playing out with you as an actor.  Imagine that you are in fact living your dream with all of your senses at play.

What does your dream day look like? 

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Walking with angels

Although we are often not aware of it, angels walk among us.  Positive energy from the uiniverse surrounds us every day, entering hosts such as trees and strangers and friends to send us a message of love.  But why does it seem that we are alone, left to battle our world as one person, one spirit, one lonely light?  Find the interconnectedness in your world by starting to find these angels.  As Ben Harper writes "Speak kind to a stranger, cause you'll never know, it just might be an angel come knockin' at your door".  Notice the person sitting beside you on the train, are they carrying light within them?  What about the person in line at the bank?  Your friends are also an ideal way to tap into the world of angels. 

You are blessed.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Ask the right questions

When you feel you are at crossroads, asks questions.  It may not be necessary to share with people what you are contemplating, but ask their thoughts on some options.  Maybe it is a roadblock in a relationship, maybe it is a career move or the chance to travel.  Research the options within your own brain, right down what you are looking for and whether your plans will help you get there.  The only way to find the right answers is to ask the right questions.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Ma Mere et mon Pere

What would the world be like without parents?  No matter how near or far, their love can cut through space and time like nothing else on this planet.  At our weakest state, they care for us without a second thought.  At our strongest, they stand at our side, cheering us on - even if they silently do so.  I struggle for words because I have so much admiration for a parents' love.  I only hope that if I am a mother one day that I am able to pass on the kindness and dedication and acceptance that my parents gave to me.

Whether you are connected tightly to your parents or perhaps estranged, send them love, forgiveness, acceptance, any feeling you feel safe to give today.  You are here because you were created out of their love.  You were created from LOVE.  Never forget.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Life in bite sized chunks

In order to truly experience life we must savour every moment.  Doing the dishes may seem like an annoyance, but when we mindfully enter into the activity we can experience enjoyment.  Look at each dish, give thanks for the lovely meal that was created on it.  Was your cutlery or favourite mug a gift? Give thanks for having such generous people in your life.

If you have a garden, consider the weeds growing haphazardly.  To tackle all those misfit plants may seem far too overwhelming at one time.  Break the garden into sections and work from there.  Through your labour, you may choose to leave the smaller weeds or weeds intertwined into other shrubs and flowers.  As you work in the soil give thanks to the billions of bacteria and microorganisms for tending the garden in your absence.  Look over at your blooming flowers and unfurling leaves and take in all their beauty.

Is there a task that is difficult, but you have found a way to distill some enjoyment from it?

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Seeing in the darkness

Our eyes can pick up on shapes and colours and depths and textures.  All of these minute details play into our brain and a story is created.  But this is the brain's story, not the heart's.  In order to see the heart's message, our eyes can close and we can experience our breath entering and exiting our bodies.  What is our more expansive mind trying to tell us? What is the message from the universe?  Many people have a fear of closing their eyes, fear of the dark.  Be a witness to this fear and continue to look deep.  You can best practise this in your home, near a stand of trees, or by the water.  Try listening to music with your eyes closed.  So much can change for you.

Do you often practise time with your eyes closed?  Any tips on how to stay comfortable and focused in this expansive space?

Friday, 18 May 2012

Pull the chute

We are robust.  We can handle a great deal and soldier on with our heavy load. But who asked us to bear such a burdon?  Do our families, our employers, our friends ask us to take on the world?  Often, we test our strengths by pushing our limits, perhaps in the name of self-improvement.  But acknowledging when to pull the chute and rescue ourselves may be a far greater strength.  We care for our futures far more when we stop and say "enough".  Breaks, extending deadlines and requesting a hand can help us through the rougher days.  When do you know to pull the chute? 

Take care of yourself today.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Plan for now

We have made planning into an art.  We have schedules, lists, even detailed reports of where we aim to go.  What does all this planning do to the present moment?  We may feel rushed or even panicked before the tasks even present themselves.  In nature, birds don't panic because they have five nests to build in a week.  Deer don't live in fear knowing they have to cross a road tomorrow.  Flowers don't tremble if the rain is not forecasted to come.

If you have a busy day ahead, stop to breathe into your body.  What do you need in this moment to help you with the days ahead?  Perhaps a walk in nature to connect with a world free of planning or maybe dancing childlike to a favourite song.  What does your body tell you to do when it is stressed?

Be the moment.  Live for now.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Emotional baggage

Many of us are not well-skilled at letting our emotions flow out.  We trap anger, frustration, sadness and loneliness deep inside us.  Perhaps we are afraid what will happen if we unleash these feelings.  Will we hurt someone, will we be judged?

A good friend once told me that emotion is just energy in motion.  Energy wants to flow, to move through us but something we've been taught over the years prevents us from extracting these deep seated emotions.  Grant yourself permission today.  Scream in the car, cry on a friend's shoulder.  Let it out.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Intimate encounters

Intimacy is a beautiful thing.  It reminds us that we are all connected, that we all come from one love, one planet.  Simply looking into someone's eyes can evoke a breathtaking moment - I accept you as you are.  Dancing with strangers, nodding to a granny on the street, saying om in yoga class, touching the hand of a good friend and of course, making love.  By letting our guard down and being vulnerable we make ourselves open to intimacy that envelopes our heart and melts the shield we place inside our chest. 

The world just might be a better place if we allow more intimacy into our lives.

Monday, 14 May 2012

deja view

In the past, experiences of deja vu would bring dread into my heart.  Could it be a bad omen, a sign of bad things to come?  In fear, I would try different actions to rid this bad spirit from my being.  But bad things did not happen.  Even so, the fear remained, despite the lack of proof. 

Recently, my outlook has changed on this unique phenomena.  Perhaps, deja vu is a sign that our lives are in alignment with the right path.  Think of a song.  When all the instrument and vocal layers are placed upon each other in the perfect order, a brief moment of pure harmony occurs and music comes alive.  Think of deja vu as a track that is experiencing a glimmer of perfection.  Feel blessed in that moment and know that you are in a good place.

What is your experience with deja vu?
Does it scare or delight you?

Sunday, 13 May 2012


It takes great courage to share yourself with others.  This vulnerability allows our light to shine more freely and invites others to share their light as well.  In telling our stories and sharing our fears and insecurities we lessen the impact these thoughts claim in our lives.  Listening to the stories of others we find new light in ourselves, in a spot that may have been dark for awhile.

Expose yourself, you never know what you could happen in a flash.

Gentle and kind wins the race

Pushing ourselves to do the best and be the best can cause us to trip or burn out along the way.  Set your pace at a moderate speed and make sure to stop and witness the elevation you've gained every once in awhile.  The longer our to-do list does not reflect the length and fulfilment of our lives.

Is there an area in your life that you could slow down for awhile?
Are you stopping to witness the view?

Friday, 11 May 2012

Adjust your frame

The tree sits within a frame on my wall
Branches, leaves, fruit stare back at me

I drag the frame down
Roots and soil exposed
Dark, damp, rich

I slide the frame high above my head
Sunlight streams through
Birds and butterflies colour the sky

To the left, an office building
Glass windows and concrete fill the frame

Sitting in the top corner
A small branch reaches in
The frame becomes wider than its borders

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Hello, I am an addict

No matter how tightly we run our lives or how spiritually connected we are, everyone has addictions.  They could be drug and alcohol related or seemingly innocent such as chocolate, caffeine or being addicted to our lover.  The addiction uses up our priceless energy on wanting something more than we actually need it to survive.  Each focus on an addiction takes us away from a connection with ourselves, or a higher power.  There are messages to learn from the addiction.  Notice when you begin to crave your addiction, what were you feeling or thinking prior to this desire?  These are beautiful opportunities to learn how to be closer with our true needs, our true desires.

What addictions do you have?  How do you work on them?  Or do you want you work on them?

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

the help

We all need help.  Some days we need it more than others.  If you are experiencing a day where you require a little lift, ask for help.  There is constant energy or spirit surrounding each of us just waiting to be needed.  Ask a friend, therapist, website, higher power or a favourite tree to help guide you to a brighter day. 

Try this on a regular day where the need for help is not as essential.  Hear yourself ask for help today.  For a happier, more fulfilling experience perhaps.  Feel how this prayer makes colours more vibrant, makes your feet feel lighter and makes traffic seem like a nice visit with vehicular neighbours.

Go forth and ask.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Living on the edge

Upon a rocky cliff
I peer down to another world below
My legs try to shuffle back
But it would only mean further to go

"You will need these", a voice calls
Two suitcases loaded, one for each arm
I shudder with the extra weight

I could run and escape
But the cliff would always remain

It is time
I let myself step into the air
 wait for the crash
But only softness remains
Two parachutes have emerged from the cases
I am going to be ok

Monday, 7 May 2012

Nourish your needs

Babies spend a lot of time crying.  Parents try to understand the babies needs by offering gifts of food, clean diapers and rocking chair sessions, but the crying continues.  We too may find ourselves moping, low energy or exhausted, thinking that we simply need time in front of the television to recharge.  But think about the personal needs you have which you have grown to understand and appreciate. Is there something deeper, more primal that is asking for some love? Are you an extrovert?  Maybe you need to call up a friend and go for a walk.  Have you taken any time to be creative today?  Perhaps, there is energy lying dormant that is holding you down, hoping to be brought to life through writing, painting, mending items in the home.  Sit still and breathe into your heart, ask it what you need.  The answer will come to you.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Knowing when to let go

How often do we resuscitate a dying plant, knowing that with just a bit more of our energy, it will thrive again?  Sadly, the path is already set and we may be powerless against it.  Plants die. It is just hard to let go of something you've become attached to.  We sew a piece of ourselves to the items and people and goals around us.  Spend some time thinking of other aspects of your life where letting go might be a more gentle option than fighting.  Your work, a relationship that is waning, a pet who is ill or aging, clothes that do not fit, your home.  Sometimes, although we don't want to, we need to surrender and say good-bye before more pain is inflicted.  In the letting go, we prepare a new pot for another plant to grow.  Which, when the right time again, presents itself.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Strut your stuff

Many of us shy away from standing out in a crowd or appearing overly confident.  We can place negativity toward this way of being, calling it conceited or vein.  When really all of us were created just as amazing as the next person and we can celebrate that.  Today, practice your strut.  Ground down into your legs, let them take your weight and free your hips.  Hips are essential for strutting.  Roll your shoulders back and lift your head.  Discover how this changes your feelings about yourself.  Marvel at your new height, your open chest and witness how others perceive you.

You are perfect and amazing, strut it out.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Perception deception

Perception is a filter that lays over our consciousness which can sometimes blur reality without us realizing it.  Some days we look at our jobs and consider leaving for a new career.  But would the new path really benefit us more than the gifts we are receiving from our current job?  Perhaps.  But it is essential to remove the veil of perception before making any decisions.  This can be done by writing out your feelings (or your brain, or your perception) and your knowing (your expansive mind or your heart) and compare them.  The current job may feel stressful, but starting at a new workplace could add stress as well.  You may feel undervalued, but the latest evaluation from your boss tells you otherwise.  Your situation with your job, partner, body, home may be based more on how you are perceiving it, than about what the reality is.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Do your worth-its

Human evolution has brought us many gifts, but one strange attribute we've adopted is to question our worth once in awhile, or everyday for some people.  We can prevent these feelings from bubbling up by taking care of ourselves behind the scenes.  There are tasks we can perform that lay the foundation for a good day, good health and an overall peacefull feeling.  These tasks are called "worth-its" because by performing them, we feel better about ourselves.  What's your worth-it?  Flossing, ironing clothes for work, washing the car, writing in a gratitude journal, and taking a morning stroll offer simple ways we can create positive change.  By doing small tasks we can make a large difference in our feelings of self-worth.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Expand your territory

Imagine our ancestors searching to find a new forest with rare berries, or discovering a new lake as they move away from their typical gathering space.  Even though we now live in a world of planes, vehicles and internet we often stick within the circle of familiarity that we visit often.  We take the same route to work, visit the same friends and shop in the same spots. 

Spend some time choosing a place to expand your territory.  Could you go catch a movie in another town, grab groceries from a different market or try a blog or website you haven't been to yet?  Feel the changes this new experience creates within you.  Are you more aware of your presence, of those items and people around you?

Happy travels.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Celebrate your birthday every day

We wake up new every day.  Reborn from the being we were yesterday.  Morning light shows us the possibility of a fresh start, a new version of our already blessed life.  It is important for us to celebrate this miracle, of going into a dark sleep and emerging alive into a new light.  In nature, the morning celebration is quiet, subdued.  Dew on the grass, a light mist in the air, birds making their sweet call.  But as humans, we have limitless ways to celebrate our morning.  Maybe some yoga, a hot coffee or perhaps a simple, "thank you" to the world for bringing this day to life.

How do you celebrate mornings?
How could you invite more celebration into the early day?