Thursday, 24 May 2012

Be the dream

What does your dream life look like?  Have you written it down? Have you played it out in your mind?  A helpful daily practice is to sit comfortably and imagine yourself living in this dream life for at least five to ten minutes.  Try not to imagine it as a movie scene playing out with you as an actor.  Imagine that you are in fact living your dream with all of your senses at play.

What does your dream day look like? 


  1. My dream day looks like this: I spend the entire day in the middle of the woods with all the sounds of man completely drowned out by the sounds of nature...just me and Mother Earth. That would be absolute perfection.

    1. Great day!! Some of your recent hikes made this dream day a reality. I love it, keep dreaming! Mine was in nature too. Lots of cycling, yoga, canoeing, dancing, good people and good food. Best day ever!

  2. I dream of the peaceful swishing of the sea... colour of the forever blue sky reflecting on it... :)