Wednesday, 9 May 2012

the help

We all need help.  Some days we need it more than others.  If you are experiencing a day where you require a little lift, ask for help.  There is constant energy or spirit surrounding each of us just waiting to be needed.  Ask a friend, therapist, website, higher power or a favourite tree to help guide you to a brighter day. 

Try this on a regular day where the need for help is not as essential.  Hear yourself ask for help today.  For a happier, more fulfilling experience perhaps.  Feel how this prayer makes colours more vibrant, makes your feet feel lighter and makes traffic seem like a nice visit with vehicular neighbours.

Go forth and ask.


  1. This is a good post Vanessa. I think we are often too hesitant to ask for help when we need it, either out of stuborness or our of fear of seeming "weak". However, sometimes it's actually courageous to ask for help...

    1. I used to always think others needed more help than me, but then I have learned that I am THE most important in my life. That is hard to say, but it is true. I can't help others if I am not searching for help myself.

  2. I'm in agreement with you and Keith. We truly aren't an island. I like what Henry Cloud says:

    " Welcome your needs, shake hands with them. They are God's way to extrude us into relationship with healthy others." Safe People.

    A variation on a quote by Goethe:

    "An admission of vulnerability is a sign of strength, rather than weakness."

    I'm enjoying getting to know you. I appreciate the honesty in your posts and in your comments.

    I look forward to dropping by your place. Thanks for the encouragement you offer! As you know, I wrote about this subject in my post, "Getting Through the Day."

    Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday.

  3. You find such amazing quotes. The "sign of strength" quote especially resonates within my soul. MOst beautiful, thank you.