Wednesday, 29 February 2012

What's in your reflection?

Here's to all you systems lovers....


I step outside
To look within

I travel so far
Yet I delve further inside

What have I learned?
How have I changed?

The distance breeds intimacy
I trust in the journey

I am

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Rise and shine your light


They are a difficult part of our day, but there is so much we could do to make the day run smoothly.
Create a morning soundtrack of upbeat tunes and have a wee little dance by yourself.
Do a little morning meditation or prayer to set an intention for your day.
Try a brisk walk and really breathe in the morning air.

What is your morning ritual - can you make it a little more inspirational?

Monday, 27 February 2012

Share your story

The stories living within us are intertwined like coiled up string.  When we hold our stories inside, this ball of string can constrict so much that we start to feel as though the flow of life becomes stagnant or stuck.  Every time you share a story about yourself, imagine that ball of string expanding and creating space within you.  The more space you create, the easier it is to let others in and to let life flow freely.

The stories can be anything - from a lost love to a travel adventure or a childhood trauma.
Your story is amazing and unique to you.  It's worth sharing - so share!

Thank you to those beautiful souls who shared their stories with me today.  I feel rich in this moment because of you.