Monday, 27 February 2012

Share your story

The stories living within us are intertwined like coiled up string.  When we hold our stories inside, this ball of string can constrict so much that we start to feel as though the flow of life becomes stagnant or stuck.  Every time you share a story about yourself, imagine that ball of string expanding and creating space within you.  The more space you create, the easier it is to let others in and to let life flow freely.

The stories can be anything - from a lost love to a travel adventure or a childhood trauma.
Your story is amazing and unique to you.  It's worth sharing - so share!

Thank you to those beautiful souls who shared their stories with me today.  I feel rich in this moment because of you.


  1. From Tara Dunphy….

    Last year I traveled to China for a triathlon. I met the most amazing woman in the Beijing airport... Kimberley Fawcett, a paratriathlete who competed for Team Canada and placed fourth at the World Championships for triathlon.

    When I got on the plane, one of the other Canadians filled me in on Kimberley's story. She lost her leg after being struck by an out of control vehicle. She was holding her infant son in her arms when she was struck. He did not survive the impact of the collision.

    Kimberley went on to become one of the top paratriathletes in the world. She has been featured in the magazine "Triathlete".

    What a story of triumph after tragedy! Truly an inspiration.

  2. My story is about how your actions can inspire others who in turn can end up inspiring you! For example, I am incredibly close to my mom and last year during residency I was working out and inspired my mom to take her own health into her own hands and get healthy. She worked out and ate right and ended up losing fat and gaining muscle, altering her dress size from 14 to a 4. She then started taking control of her smoking habit and had not smoked for over 120 days! When coming back to this years residency for school my mom re-motivated me to clean up my eating for the last push before my big day coming up.

    I think one thing that sticks with me is that you never know who out there finds you motivating or who will motivate you to just be the best you can be and take control of your own life. Love my family and friends and network for being so amazing!

    1. Beautiful story Kate - your Mom's health has improved from your teachings -I love it!