Friday, 11 May 2012

Adjust your frame

The tree sits within a frame on my wall
Branches, leaves, fruit stare back at me

I drag the frame down
Roots and soil exposed
Dark, damp, rich

I slide the frame high above my head
Sunlight streams through
Birds and butterflies colour the sky

To the left, an office building
Glass windows and concrete fill the frame

Sitting in the top corner
A small branch reaches in
The frame becomes wider than its borders


  1. I love this Vanessa. Is the frame symbolic or literal? Beautiful post my friend :-)

  2. ...constantly adjusting and re-adjusting my frame of mind... :)

    1. order to see different point of views...

  3. Could this be a window?

    It's fascinating, once again, in this poem as in the last one, no emotions expressed, just observations.

    What does this tell us, if anything?