Sunday, 13 May 2012


It takes great courage to share yourself with others.  This vulnerability allows our light to shine more freely and invites others to share their light as well.  In telling our stories and sharing our fears and insecurities we lessen the impact these thoughts claim in our lives.  Listening to the stories of others we find new light in ourselves, in a spot that may have been dark for awhile.

Expose yourself, you never know what you could happen in a flash.


  1. i have a difficult time talking about myself to others...but i have found an outlet in my poems...thats really the reason why i started my blog...i find that it really helps me to write about what im feeling and just get it out there

    1. Poetry is an amazing release that has a strong way of connecting with others, even in ways you never thought possible. Keep the blog coming, it awakes my mornings.

  2. I resonate with this post. The key thing for me is character discernment. In my relationships with others I connect with those who are safe.

    I'm thankful for principles that allow me to know who are the right ones to connect with at a an intimate level. Reciprocity,humor, mutuality, trust, loyalty, emotional safety, to know and be known, and healthy communication are essential qualities for any relationship I have.

    I'm not vulnerable with just anybody. I first need to know a person's character.

    1. I need to learn those boundaries. I share myself with everyone, just in case I am able to help them in some way. But there are some people out there who may not be open to what I have to say and may harm me with their words or energy. I must learn to see these closed people clearly so that I may avoid them if I am feeling vulnerable. Great comment!

    2. I've said this before, but it's worth repeating, I don't relate with others to resolve my loneliness. That is a problem that I must take care of by myself. No one can do that for me.

      I connect with others out of my fullness:

      "Friendship is less a request than a celebration, less a ritual than a reality, less a need than a want.

      "Friendship is you and me---and I dream a lot.

      ".....Friendship is freedom, is flowing, is rare. It does not need stimulation, it stimulates itself. It trusts, understands, grows, explores, it smiles and weeps. It does not exhaust or cling, expect or demand. It is---and that is enough---and it dreams a lot."

      James Kavanaugh, "Will You Be My Friend?"

      I've also find that "like calls out to like, we are met by the traits we show. Where love will find a friend, hate will find a foe." Edgar Guest.

      I apologize for the lengthy reply. I thought I'd share some principles that guide me when relating with others. I figured you wouldn't mind.

      I enjoy our conversations. :)