Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Intimate encounters

Intimacy is a beautiful thing.  It reminds us that we are all connected, that we all come from one love, one planet.  Simply looking into someone's eyes can evoke a breathtaking moment - I accept you as you are.  Dancing with strangers, nodding to a granny on the street, saying om in yoga class, touching the hand of a good friend and of course, making love.  By letting our guard down and being vulnerable we make ourselves open to intimacy that envelopes our heart and melts the shield we place inside our chest. 

The world just might be a better place if we allow more intimacy into our lives.


  1. I always make it a point to talk to start conversations with strangers. It's a gerat way to make new friends and develop new connections.

  2. This morning, I wrote a bit about this in a reply to a reply of yours, in the "Self Exposure" post, here.

    I'm friendly and connect with others easily. People I don't even know just open up to me. I like people and I'm a happy positive person. I guess people sense that.

    Having said that, I use discretion when relating with others.

    Here's a nugget I like about the word intimacy: It comes from two words originally found in classical Greek.

    In: which of course means in. And, timao, which means fear or respect.
    So, when we are intimate, we are within one another's fears---we reveal areas that normally we keep to ourselves. With those we trust, we confide our vulnerabilities and we respect each person for who they are, warts and all.

    That's intimacy. Wow.

    This perspective along with my reply in your Self-Exposure post gives you an idea about how I relate with others.

    Hope to see you over at my inn, soon. :)

    1. I never thought of intimacy in that way. This is so true!!
      Your insights are always so refreshing Pablo. Thanks for sharing.