Saturday, 19 May 2012

Seeing in the darkness

Our eyes can pick up on shapes and colours and depths and textures.  All of these minute details play into our brain and a story is created.  But this is the brain's story, not the heart's.  In order to see the heart's message, our eyes can close and we can experience our breath entering and exiting our bodies.  What is our more expansive mind trying to tell us? What is the message from the universe?  Many people have a fear of closing their eyes, fear of the dark.  Be a witness to this fear and continue to look deep.  You can best practise this in your home, near a stand of trees, or by the water.  Try listening to music with your eyes closed.  So much can change for you.

Do you often practise time with your eyes closed?  Any tips on how to stay comfortable and focused in this expansive space?


  1. I actually love to listen to music with my eyes closed. I feel that I can get lost in the meaning of the song if my eyes are closed, and that's a wonderful feeling indeed.

    1. The meaning of the song, yes…I need to try listening for that. I more focus on the melody and the FEELING of the song. I can feel it "tune" my body.