Thursday, 1 May 2014

Clutter bug

We have stuff. So much stuff and we are often confused as to what we will use our stuff for. Broken parts of an old clock, torn blue jeans, cassette tapes, it all adds up to clutter in our living and working spaces. This clutter is a constant reminder of all the things we have NOT done, despite our best intentions and the amount of hard work we put into each day doesn't leave us much left for cleaning. Grab yourself an egg timer or use your stove timer. Give yourself one hour. One hour to tackle that pile of unopened mail, clean up around the dog's dish, and toss out those old birthday cards. After you're done, write out all the mini or giant tasks you completed or started within that one hour. Post it up on your fridge as an "I did it - take that procrastination - in your face!" kind of kudos for yourself. This may be hard for some of you who have lists and lists worth of organizing projects around the house, but in one hour chunks, it may not seem so bad. What's the one bit of clutter you can't seem to clean?


  1. The one bit of clutter I can't seem to clean? MY GARAGE!! It looks like a war zone. I need to set aside a few hours (or days) to de-clutter it.

  2. Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog! :) Have you been to Germany? Where? :D
    I try to make time to de-clutter as often as possible, but I'm still guilty of keeping those old cassettes I don't even have a player for anymore...