Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Fun with food

Like all nature's creatures we need to consume food to keep our energy up, balance our system and regulate our mood. Many of us create so many tasks in one day that food becomes almost an annoyance. It is this act we have to partake in so that we can complete all the other things we want to achieve in our day. So we eat on the run. We grab easy meals so we can focus on other activities. But then do you notice how your emotions and comfort level become affected? You are slower, more frustrated and often more tired than you need to be. Try to add colour to your meals this week. Rather than meats and starches, focus on vegetables, grains and fruits. Find a healthy meal recipe that you think could be delicious and achievable, preferably one with a photo so you can dream about your creation. Make a special stop to the grocery store, specifically for your ingrediants, and maybe a small dessert - of course! When you arrive home, set aside a half hour or so to chop, peel and slice. Use those spices that you often forget you have in the cupboard. The beauty of making your own meals is that you feel pride, you choose how healthy you want your meal and you know what is in it so your body can be confident it is receiving sustinance that might imporve your mood. What is your favourite meal to make? Do you have a favourite cookbook?

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  1. I have been eating healthier lately and it has made a huge difference in the way I feel. I feel "healthier" if that makes any sense at all. It takes a little longer to fix meals now (as opposed to the unhealthy convenience food) but it's so worth it. My favorite meal overall to make now is a good spinach salad with guoda cheese, oil and vinegar, much rooms, and avocado. Some bread on the side. Good stuff :)