Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Find a sacred space

Many of us feel that quieting and focusing the mind is an impossible task. Trust me, it can be done with practice and patience. Find a spot near your work, school or home with water, trees , flowers or birds. Seat yourself using a blanket, bench or rock to quiet the body. Bring a special item to focus your thoughts on, perhaps a stone or a photograph with meaning for you. Inhale your gratitudes towards the sky. Exhale your stresses into the Earth to be composted for future growth.


  1. Good advice. I found an office to take my lunch breaks on so that I can get away from my own office for an hour a day :)

  2. My refuge is a relationship with a living, warm, loving, patient and gracious God. Having Quiet Time in the morning, meditating upon uplifting, affirming truths dons me with His armour, enabling me to handle the vicissitudes of life with confidence and serenity.