Friday, 6 June 2014

Choose tranquility

Ever wonder why many animal species rest so much? Lions take a break from roaring, elephants stand still, even groundhogs stop to take a look around before scurrying off to another hole in the ground. We can learn a lot from these fellow Earthlings. Take time out for a siestas and do not, do not feel guilty for recharging your batteries. Today I invite you to do a small meditation or guided imagery in a quiet, comfortable place. This could be sitting on a park bench, resting on the subway or curled up on your couch. Imagine a fish in a mountain river. Choose any fish you want but pay attention to its colours, its eyes, the way it moves. Watch this fish swim and swim, seeking food or a mate, but always on the go. Feel the energy your fish gives off, determined, skilled. Kind of like you near the end of the workday, trying to tie up loose ends. Now imagine this fish entering an eddy, a deep quiet pool off the side of the main flow of the river where the swimming comes to a halt and the fish rests its muscles and stop to experience the inflow of oxygen from the water into its gills. Imagine slowing down just like this fish. Does the fish think "oh I should really be swimming more, why am I so lazy?" No. Once you feel your friendly fish has had enough rest, imagine him swimming off again and slowly bring yourself back to your day as it is. If you try this, I'd love to hear your experience!

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