Friday, 5 September 2014

Release and recover

Our emotional body was not designed to hold in grief, worry and negative self-talk. We need to release these dark and often harmful thoughts. We expel toxins from our physical bodies every day. We exhale carbon dioxide, we sweat and we visit the bathroom several times a day. But how often do we flush our emotional body? Maybe when you come home and see your dog waiting for you? Maybe when you hug a loved one? But what about a big release, when could you take time to honour this need? In my weekly yoga session, our teacher would say "whatever you did this week, you did ENOUGH". I would weep each time in response to this pressure release in my heart. We can discharge grief when we reach a state of ecstasy and security with our self or with a loved one. Dance is a fantastic release or any fitness really. Singing and musical vibration can expand the soul. Writing as many of you can attest to, is a powerful exhale of the mind. Crying is….amazing. Soldiers cry, cops cry, and so can you! My favourite release is in meditation. I take all the heavy weight from my shoulders and place it into a beautiful urn for safe keeping while I walk away with freedom and and expansive spirit. True story. How do you release from pain?

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  1. I live with a amazingly supportive, authentic community, where we do NOT talk from our head---which is often the default mode of Western Civilization---but from our heart.
    After I have spent time with one of my Safe People, I am energized, I feel that I am a better person.

    We were not meant to live in isolation. Our needs are not a design flaw, but a design feature. They were meant to extrude us into relationship with Safe others. Our neediness is a gift to free us from the danger of living a self-sufficient live. Our greatest need is bonding with others.

    Without truly connecting at the heart level, we suffer from depression, despair, fear and anxiety. Connection with Safe People and our Higher Power is the antidote for these problems, and much, much more.

    Hope to see you over at my place soon. Have missed you. We need to Skype soon. I am teaching a class all day Saturday and Sunday. Not available then.