Wednesday, 18 July 2012

baby steps

Setting small, manageable goals is key to helping us reach larger milestones in our life.  The smaller and more detailed the action, the greater the chance that we might achieve it.  On the route to happiness we could choose to maybe smile at three people a day and reward ourselves with an extra smile when that is accomplished.  Another goal might be to move for 30 minutes a day.  We may surpass this goal, but there is great willpower and positive thoughts that may come if our small tasks are completed.  Set a goal for yourself today.  Where will it take you?


  1. Ah, so many goals I have to achieve by the end of the week... so goal for today to tick at least tick one off my list today... perhaps I'll finish a post I'm in the middle of... or start a new photo blog I'm meaning to put out there... or perhaps I'll manage to read and reply to all my fave bloggers out there... the least I can do is try!

    : )x

    1. Hey! You replied to my blog and you clearly took the time to read it - hooray for you miss Hannah!!

  2. Hey, this is something I wrote about yesterday---incremental growth and being gentle towards ourselves.

    I need to make dreaded phone calls related to business and marketing. I'll try just making one.

  3. ONe phone call is a heck of a lot better than none - you go Pablo! How did I miss your post? I must go read it now