Tuesday, 17 July 2012

See yourself through another's eyes

Sometimes we cannot trust our own reflection.  When self-doubt or insecurities exist, we view an altered version of ourself that is clouded in judgement.  People outside of oursevles can view us in a different light.  They see our potential, our beauty, our strengths.  They see the things we sometime cannot.  If we cannot trust in our own view, try to adopt the view of another and attempt to imagine all your gifts, exposed and real and true.


  1. Hi there, Vanessa.

    I'm sorry I haven't been around lately. What you share in your blog, I love. Knowing your journey makes this post even more impressive.

    I appreciate what you’ve written and agree with you. Loving ourselves is important. Sometimes life slugs us in the gut. Sometimes we slug ourselves in the gut. This is where my My Balcony People come to the rescue. They have been a vital source for the nurturing and strength needed when handling life’s challenges. This is especially true right now.

    No man, we are told, is an island. My loving connections with others, and God, provides the support I need to make it through tough days. I do not get my healing through isolation.

    Thank you, for this timely post. I’m grateful, once again, for knowing you.

  2. I love to visit your inn and sit down on the big comfy couch of gratitude. It is such a bright and welcoming space that you decorate with your optimistic words. Leaning on others is exactly what we need sometimes. When punched in the gut we could try hopelessly to pull ourselves up straight again or let the pain be but rest onto a loving energy around us. I am glad you have so many balcony people on your side, it's a reflection of the great man you are.

  3. I always have a trouble talking / writing about myself - selling myself, as they say... I often wish people just made their own opinions based on my doing...as per my suggestion to Greg from Simpy Life on the bit 'about me' - it would be great if we could get others to write it, based on what they see through our blogs... would certainly shed a different light on who we are... : )x