Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Just people watching

There is something calming about watching people moving through their day.  Smiles, mannerisms and lives so different from our own stir our imagination and leave us in a state of wonder.  So many of us find ourselves in a blissful drift when given the chance to sit back in a crowd and observe the human world around us.  Children are especially interesting to watch.  Flicks of energy seem to fly off their small bodies and reach toward us as they play and create and explore.

Where is your favourite place to people watch?


  1. Downtown, in the beach town of Alameda, where I live. There are plenty of young people, adolescents, young adults and those older.

    One thing that's fun is listening to dialogue. I find what comes out of people's mouths fascinating, usually. Good material for fiction I write.

    I agree with you. I love watching young kids. Their zest and enthusiasm is infectious, if they have parent who are available for them. Unfortunately I see many parents tend more to their smart phone than to the child that is with them.

    I'm happy last week, at night, I read Tolstoy with my adult sons. Who does that any more? We do!

    I love the town I live in; it's perfect. It provides many opportunities to interact with others and observe them.

    Thanks for posting!

  2. You write fiction, and you people "listen" for ideas. This is brilliant. Perhaps I need to sit down and write poetry. This could be good therapy.

    Tolstoy reading with the fam - that paints such a beautiful picture of love and light. I learn from you, thanks for visiting!

  3. My pleasure---I love the way you think and express yourself. If you aren't (and my guess is that you may not be, and that's okay--:> ) left-handed. I am. The only one in my original family of eight. The wonderful joy I have is that two of my three sons are. And we have great discussions!

    You certainly express yourself left-handedly, with a right hemispheric perspective that I like, very much. I too, would enjoy sharing coffee with you.

    You have my support and prayers. I wish you success with your projects! Wish me the same, please. :>

    1. I am left handed!! And of course I wish you success, you inspire me so much!

  4. Ah, train of course! Just to see them going places and wonder where they're heading... utter wonderment! x

    1. I wish I could join you on one of your train rides. I would sit next to you and we could people watch together. Sometimes it's exciting to people watch with a friend, they see the same scene, but often pick up on different things than you do.