Friday, 6 July 2012

Push through the pain

Labour.  It is hard work.  But somehow we push through, knowing that we may birth something glorious if we can just fight past the pain.  One side calls to us to take a break, to leave the source of fear and hurt, the other side asks us to bear down and seize the moment. Who do we listen to? Lately I have been listening to the side that asks me to run and hide. I envelope myself in the arms of safety, of temporary freedom.  But today I chose to push through and I feel so strong for it.

What have you done recently to make it through a tough challenge?


  1. I used loving detachment when I encountered an emotional abuser. Not taking his behavior personally, also helped. Thirdly, I connected with my network of friends who love me unconditionally. Their support made the difficult time manageable.

    1. Great work Pablo. Using the resources of loved ones to help us through a tough spot is a way to come out stronger and also to strengthen relationships!