Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Building steps to cross the bridge

Our life is defined and directed by the small decisions we make.  What to eat for supper, who to spend our evening with, and what thoughts to entertain in our head all help to adjust our sail so that we travel in the right direction.  Sometimes we make a choice that leads us away from the edge, a temporary relief.  But what action might help us to build steps to cross the bridge? Sometimes this is known as the hard road, but it does not need to feel hard.  We can rejoice in the effort, knowing that our decision is leading us somewhere great.  Each small step helps to build a bridge over our fear, grief or sadness.  Today, when given a choice to find instant relief or spend time building a step, choose the step and reward yourself for putting your long-term interests first.


  1. I like your perspective. This is what I call staying in the solution. It's also what I refer to as placing principles above the vulnerable parts of our personality.

    I find having cheerleaders helps. Sometimes I can't do it by myself. With the encouragement of my supportive network I accomplish more than I thought was possible.

    1. I am going to try an activity using the supportive people around me tonight. I have been blessed by being surrounded by so many amazing people, I think it's time I try to reign all that light in….let them cheer me on ;)

  2. Strange as it seems, I do struggle sometime with taking that next step... or even to be able to see what the next step should be... and further more time constraints can make you feel you've no time to think about this... so yeah, need time to think more about this... Hx

  3. Take all the time you need. The answers for your next steps will reveal themselves.