Sunday, 1 December 2013

Dance party

In all cultures around the world, dance is a sacred, celebratory practice that is almost a prayer in a way. It's letting go of worries, it's embracing beauty and movement and music. Go through the library or your personal record collection and choose a few gems to practice your dance skills with. Maybe it's a country two-step or a latin salsa. African and Polynesian are my favourites and mostly I just like to move to the rhythm and feel the beat. Sing along if you know the words - get silly! No one is watching. I promise. If they are, they are most likely jealous of your carefree attitude. Dance the night away.


  1. Dance actually is the best thing. I mean even when the skills aren't known, the joy it gives away is immense.

  2. dancing has always been a way to let go, but i think i learned mostly from zumba how therapeutic it actually is!

  3. I'm struck that, in your post, dancing is described in cognitive, not emotional terms. "It letting go of our worries." "They are jealous of your carefree attitude." When dance is so connected to our feelings.

    Embracing my emotions is vital for my well-being. I know you agree. I'm just surprised that emotions are not mentioned, at all.
    I can't help thinking this isn't accidental. I don't know what to make that they are not mentioned.