Thursday, 28 November 2013

Good people

Sometimes our days don't go exactly as planned. We slip on the ice, get a flat tire, or lose our keys. It is in these situations where the angels begin to expose their wings and come to our rescue. This act of service by another can warm our heart like a tropical day on the beach. While it feels amazing to be the recipient of these kind acts, we can glow more expansively if we are the bearer of these gifts. Today's note of inspiration may not happen the moment you close this book and step outside but place this post in your memory for that day you see a car pulled over with four-way flashers on, see a Mother struggling with all her bags, or notice a neighbour's sidewalk that needs a good shovel. Go and be angelic. You'll feel renewed purpose and self-love.


  1. The actions of good people can make the world of a difference. I need to practice this more. Some days feel so overwhelming that I forget to look outside of myself (such a bad habit!)... but... one of the gifts of life is that we are all on this planet together. We are a community and without one another, we just wouldn't make it.

    Today, I did something nice for someone else. They felt good. I felt good. It was a win/win!

    Miss you Vanessa. We need to get together soon for tea and chats!