Friday, 22 November 2013

Self protection

Who is looking out for your best interest? Maybe a friend or two if you are very lucky, but this is important work that should be done internally. Boundaries. How to form them in such a way that you let people in but protect yourself from harm is a precious dance. You matter so much in this world and if you are not careful with your heart it could get damaged and no one wants to see someone else get hurt, especially if it means harming ourselves. If people ask you presonal questions that you don't feel comfortable sharing about, that's probably best to keep those feelings inside. Maybe ask these inquiring souls a question about themselves. If they close up you will know you were right to not divulge. Our close support network can usually be trusted with our most intimate thoughts but how far do we extend our net of trust. Not everyone cares for us the way we would like them to unfortunately, but we can listen to our heart and choose who we open up to in order to avoid disappointment. Put on your sheild and declare that no one will cause you harm because you decide who will connect closely with your heart.


  1. Its been my experience that those that will get you don't really need for you to divulge much, they just see it. People recognize those things they understand, and the understanding one just always seem to know, without being told. Everyone else gets this condensed version without all of the details. Most people, you'll find, aren't even concerned with details, they're brains trail off somewhere after " hello." haha

    Anyway, I like posts that make me think, that's good stuff.

    1. Glad I could get your mind churning. That feels great!

  2. I personally think it's important to find balance. I mean I don't want to be so open that I expose myself to hurt but I don't want to be so closed that I shut off all opportunities for great love :)