Thursday, 21 November 2013

Be the bear

When winter's chill enters our skin like wet clothing after a long run it can break us down. To build ourselves up again, we sometimes have to hunker down and hibernate. Get the fire going, brew some tea and cuddle up with a loved one, human or pet. Call all your appointments and cancel them. Set aside a full day to simply rest and relax. The weather may try to beat you but you fight back and grab this time for comfort and warmth. Let other people drive around on icy roads and shovel snow and run errands in the frost. You are more important. Choose to rest and recover. You'll need to get back at the rat race again soon, but not now. Now is time for cuddling and what could be better?


  1. This does sound good. I'm glad you said human or animal or else my cat Ruby would have gotten jealous lol

  2. i've been hibernating every weekend. it feels good to just slow down and regroup. there's something about a cup of tea in bed on a cold night... it just has the power to restore :)

    1. I like to say, be like the NOrthern Lights. Come out and shine and dance, then retreat and recover so you can once again come out and shine your light.