Friday, 1 November 2013

Get spooky

When we were children we spent countless hours in our costumes pretending we were little red riding hood or He-Man or a scary ghoul. We loved the act of dressing up in a different outfit than we would wear in our normal day-to-day lives. We could be a character with different personalities and powers. It would ignite our imaginations and give us a thrill. Why do we stop dressing up? It is such a great practice and it makes people of all ages smile when they see us kicking the norm in the teeth and saying "Here I am, I am different and fun and silly". We rarely find the time to play and pretend and imagine. Let your Halloween spirit float free and choose a great way to not be you for one day. I dressed up as a wood fairy spreading wishes of nature for all the world to enjoy! What did you dress up as or want to dress up as?


  1. I would want to dress as one of my clients did, yesterday. He gelled his hair, placing a curl on his forehead, wore black-rimmed glasses, a white dress shirt with navy blue slacks. Underneath his shirt was a Superman top, the complete, real deal, with the insignia just as portrayed in comic books.

    He looked great, and fit the part.

    Feeling indestructible would come in handy during moments when feeling vulnerable. It it would be fun to fly, too!