Saturday, 2 November 2013

Floral fancies

When we dip into fall and winter, we may discover that nature is far out of our reach. The leaves have fallen, the trees are bare and the flower blooms are long gone. We need nature to bring us peace and happiness. Add some life into your home with some greenery and some floral designs that delight the senses and lift up any room. Choose your favourite colours, collect your favourite smells, grab a few unique stems that scream YOU. Do not wait for a loved one to send them, head outdoors and find a local shop that can provide you with items that fulfill your floral desires. I would love to know what arrangements you create. I purchased some white roses, willows and daisies with loads of greenery. I cannot stop looking at them!


  1. I always have flowers sitting on the the counter, it's such a simple way of creating a smile :) right now mine are sunflowers and a ton of mums.

    1. I knew you'd be a flower girl. I'd like to plant sunflowers in my yard next year...

  2. Vanessa - I responded to your email; but I don't know which email you regularly use!!

    I believe mine is posted on my blog somewhere if you want to get in touch :)