Thursday, 31 October 2013

Elder flowers

In indigenous communities there is a large respect for the elders. The have lived their whole lives through and experienced a bit of everything. They are wise, cautious and always willing to share a story or two. In our youth we are usually rushing, going through the motions, but spending time with an elder slows us down and grounds us firmly to the Earth. Take time this week to seek out an elder, maybe a grandparent or a neighbour or a retiree at work. Ask them questions and then just listen. Take in the feelings coming from their eyes, their posture, let their words mould your cells into a new, more wise, being. Write about this experience on your journal and give thanks to your God or to the stars for letting you experience the gifts of an elder. I spent the evening with Dr. David Suzuki and Dr. David Schindler. Two Davids battling an environmental Goliath. I was overwhelmed with hope and energy. Do you like that I have started sharing a bit about myself? I have a hard time with these final sentences.


  1. Yes Vanessa I do like that very much! Keep sharing as much as you wish. We're your blogging family.