Thursday, 10 October 2013

Energy in motion

There is a vicious cycle that occurs within us that we often feel powerless to alter. We generate a thought, which affects our mood and influences our behaviour which goes right back to our thoughts. We think "I don't know what to write", which makes us feel discouraged which makes us not put pen to paper and we then think "see, I really cannot write". Have you ever experienced this? Write down one of your thought cycles and see if there's a way to disassemble the thought and create a new idea. The worst thing to do when this negative spiral begins to spin is to shove it way down to your feet because it is uncomfortable. Hiding it away and avoiding the discomfort only means it will fester where it sits and then crawl up into your consciousness much more powerful than before. Emotions, moods, are simply energy in motion. When they bubble up, allow them to flow and then breathe through the pain, knowing that your are cleansing your mind for new and lighter thoughts to emerge in its place.


  1. This sounds like a wonderful way to break the cycle. Thanks Vanessa!!

  2. i have been working on this... it's much more difficult to do in the moment, but as life goes- practice makes perfect :)

    1. Work in progress. Just like a lot of things in this beautiful life.

  3. I ask myself what is the need that is not met, if I have a negative feeling. I believe all negative feelings are the result of an unmet need. I have lists I use that help me identify each and every need that is not met when I'm frustrated, upset, etc.

    I find applying healthy alternatives to my stuck emotions allows me to transcend them. If lonely, I call a friend or go to the movies with a friend or have someone over for dinner.

    If angry, I cycle vigorously for an hour or hour-and-a-half. If frustrated, I'll call a friend who just listens, not giving advice I don't want.

    Lastly, the following quote helps me move beyond my feelings and helps me exercise discipline when I don't feel like it. (So, I use slogans to get me unstuck.)

    "Success depends not merely in how well I do the things I enjoy, but in how conscientiously I perform those that I don't." John Maxwell, Developing the Leader Within You.

    The post Overcoming Adversity over at my place goes into depth on this subject.