Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Wrong turn

In life we may be going full steam ahead on our path until we hit a roadblock. A difficult person, a difficult task. It is hard to see around this road block, to view the path ahead. Step back. Breathe and figure out what your plan is. You have choices and it is up to only you to make them. How will you handle this problem? Write out a few scenarios and imagine each one of them happening. How do you feel in each dream? Take your time, ask friends for advice. You can do this! What roadblock are you facing? I had to tell an online dating boy that he was acting very controlling and I didn't appreciate it. It was scary, but I felt so much better after.


  1. the choice is so hard. for each option feeds a different part of you, how do you decide which is better? i've had to do this recently, pick. i thought that with the choice would come a sense of clarity, but it hasn't- at least not yet. i worked out which option i felt would be the best in the long run for me and it's not that i regret my choice, it's more that i'm scared i will forever regret not being more brave to take the diverse road. i can only hope that with time will bring me a stabler sense of peace.

    1. Have I ever talked to you about 10-10-10? Taking two choices and seeing how they a=might affect you in ten minutes ten months and ten years. It is a wild way of looking at pathways. All I can tell you is that you are a beautiful, talented, intelligent and loving girl and good things will come your way no matter which road you go down. Don't worry so much about it, it's done. Ride on!

  2. yes, you have talked to me about it. i utilized it while transitioning into this path. and i think it's perhaps purely for the fact that it's still so new, but i am just having an awful time. what is your e-mail?