Monday, 7 October 2013

Flawed by design

Have you ever met a perfect person? A person radiating with happiness and healthiness and love? Well, they had flaws that you just couldn't see and it is those flaws that truly make that person so strong. We often put work into fixing our flaws. We read self-help books and take on new, challenging goals and sometimes even shame ourselves into being better being more complete. You were designed to have flaws. Your flaws are unique to only you. Embrace them. Love them and know that you are fierce because of your broken parts. Take time today to journal about your perceived flaws. Make two columns. In the left column write out those things you often wish you could change about yourself or maybe those things that have happened to you that have hurt you. In the right column write out reasons why that flaw may actually be an asset or a tool. You will be able to recognize yourself as one, beautiful disaster. A chaotic mix of events and parts that together make a precious whole. Just like a clay vase with a flaw, own your beauty and shout to the rooftops, "this is me!"


  1. I have thousands of flaws and I try to keep in mind that imperfection is perfection :)

    1. The only flaw I have discovered about you so far is your stubborn acceptance of never witnessing a live musical performance. We have to remedy that! Edmonton is a wonderful city for live music!! My parents go dancing at a club that plays live music seven nights a week.

  2. I embrace my flaws, you are very wise. B