Sunday, 27 October 2013

Use what you have

We are looking forward to additions in our life. Yearning for a shiny, new thing that will ignite our senses. A new car, a new pair of shoes, a new book. Once they arrive we will be so content. But can we get excited about items we already have? Are the items we've already committed to feeling neglected from lack of use? Your blender has been quiet for months, those rollerblades are collecting dust, the food in your fridge is begging to be made into an exquisite meal. Take a tally of some of those older things in your life that have not used for a while. Could they be repaired? Could they be given to a friend? Could you begin to add them into your daily habits? When you use what you have, your life is fuller, more whole. Go through the garage, go through the storage unit. Purge, play and forget about the call of those shiny new things for awhile. What item will you part with, repair, or re-love? I turned on my espresso machine today….it felt great! Might get rid of my longboard though, I rarely take it out!